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A fair deal? – South Korean sex workers’ earnings at home and abroad


In January and April of this year, police in Macau twice busted prostitution businesses involving South Korean brokers and sex workers offering sexual services. In its press briefings, the Macau police released information about the fees clients were charged, and the earnings of the sex workers involved. 1,409 more words


Australian Sex Worker Compilation

Not very many resources are obvious that explore the Sex Industry in Australia, or sex work from an Australian paradigm. Mostly, anything that exists pertains to further stigmatising the industry, as well as exploring it through the lens of the media who offer a covertly negative perspective on the industry. 339 more words

Adult Industry

Review: Tricked Reminds Us of the Evils of Prostitution and Human Sex Trafficking in the United States

Tricked: The Documentary, is a 2013 film about the horrors of prostitution and human sex trafficking. It includes interviews of former prostitutes, pimps, johns, and law enforcement who work in vice departments all over the country. 904 more words

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Never Leave with a Stranger

 There is a fine line between allowing yourself to experience something extraordinary and putting yourself in danger.  If you let your friends take you on an impromptu road trip to Atlanta, you may have one of the greatest times of your life.  1,932 more words


What do I like?

So often I have clients asking me what I enjoy sexually.. I am ok with that question. But I will be honest with you.. I would rather you tell me what you would enjoy when we are together. 340 more words

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#FacesofProstitution going viral - Consider this

Below is a post I wrote on facebook about #facesofprostitution and a little on my perspective. It seems this hash tag has gone viral around the world and there have been a number of media articles written (which ill reference at the end of this post for you to read.) One thing I have noticed is that many sex workers who have twitter have responded to this hashtag in many ways. 809 more words

Sex Work

Gateway to Freedom

So many companies promise that if you buy this product or that service it will change your life, Freeset is different. Freeset does transform lives but not the customer’s, it’s the employees lives who are transformed. 282 more words