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"Tell me why"

This is a question that I receive rather often, from clients and friends alike. It makes sense, I suppose. I’m acutely aware that before studying sex work from an academic perspective, I had some pretty inaccurate preconceived ideas about the individuals performing different types of sex work. 755 more words


"You make me feel like a natural woman"

There’s a type of expression I’ve learned to recognize. It involves a certain widening of the mouth and eyes as the person to whom I’m speaking momentarily freezes. 706 more words


Will you still blame her?

Each raindrop that hits the window glass, it fills up the room with a sudden melancholy. Here I am, silent, trying to hear what the noises are about. 869 more words


My friends talked me into going with them to the strip club and I found out why my girlfriend never talks about her work.

(honestly, I would never actually write that sentence verbatim, but I like the plot premise)


Rashida was marrying her girfriend Kristy of 9 years ( 999 more words

365 Day Challenge

Stigma of Sex

The stigma of sex work fucking sucks. I’ve been trying to volunteer with Child Protection in my city. I’m very qualified and have all the needed training for the position. 467 more words


The following topic is sensitive in nature which discusses the act of two consensual adults.  I do not support in any way the act of forcing or trafficking of people. 581 more words