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Words of Love and Support

I thought this morning, when I woke up to a rebuttal from an abolishionist who was questioning the mental sanity of not only me but also my industry. 2,701 more words

Sex Work

Stigma of Sex

The stigma of sex work fucking sucks. I’ve been trying to volunteer with Child Protection in my city. I’m very qualified and have all the needed training for the position. 467 more words


Ms. Coral Korrupt : A True Icon of Taboo Kink

It is not possible for me to write this in a way that meets my own expectations, much less what is deserved. This is my best shot at giving credit where credit is due and honoring a peer I deeply respect. 504 more words

Faces Of Prostitution

In the weeks that have past since Tilly first showed her face inadvertently starting the #FacesOfProstitution movement. In an attempt to have our industry depicted in a more accurate light as well as highlight to the world that sex work and sex trafficking are two separate issues. 1,659 more words

Sex Work

What do I like?

So often I have clients asking me what I enjoy sexually.. I am ok with that question. But I will be honest with you.. I would rather you tell me what you would enjoy when we are together. 340 more words

Sex Work

#FacesofProstitution going viral - Consider this

Below is a post I wrote on facebook about #facesofprostitution and a little on my perspective. It seems this hash tag has gone viral around the world and there have been a number of media articles written (which ill reference at the end of this post for you to read.) One thing I have noticed is that many sex workers who have twitter have responded to this hashtag in many ways. 809 more words

Sex Work

Empowerment and Sex Work

Empowerment is such a buzzword when it comes to sex work. I openly use it because for me, sex work has empowered me. But that’s me and my experience. 1,785 more words