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47 reasons why you're really single

It’s time to stop fronting.

There’s nothing wrong with being single. Everyone’s single at some point (apart from those people who just swing from one relationship to another like a desperate relationship monkey). 507 more words


The 'Describe Your Sex Life With A Meal' hashtag shows the absolute state of Twitter users' love lives

People are describing their sex lives via a hashtag on Twitter and it’s honestly the least erotic thing that’s ever happened.

Like some sort of mating call for the incurably unalluring, thousands of people are using #DescribeYourSexLifeWithAMeal to talk about their bedroom antics. 477 more words


The breeder's equation

R = h2 S.

R is the response to selection, S is the selection differential, and h2 is the narrow-sense heritability. This is the workhorse equation for quantitative genetics. 814 more words

This one guy is really making me nervous

Wow this is sooo new to me and I don’t even know how to navigate these unchartered territories. I met this guy a few weeks back and for someone who is always confident and on their A game, I have completely crumbled inside. 422 more words


Fetish Vanilla

At what point does kinky fetish play turn into “vanilla” sex? What I mean is, does there come a time when our fetishes become so a part of our every day sex lives that they stop being fun and exciting, and become an expectation and a requirement? 773 more words


A Beginner's Guide to Trying New Things: An Electronic Threesome

If you’ve always been curious about incorporating something new in your sex life and need a way to break out of your sexual comfort zone, read on my friend! 499 more words


A court dropped a case because they didn't hire an 'artificial vagina expert'

A Turkish court was forced to drop a case after they failed to find an artificial vagina expert.

You really can’t get the staff these days. 235 more words