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Rocket scientists have invented the world's greatest vibrator

Rocket scientists have been working on a revolutionary new sex toy that promises to send us into space (sorry).

MysteryVibe, the UK’s first crowdfunded sex toy purveyors, claim that the vibrator – named Crescendo – is the ‘Rolls Royce of the sex toy world’ and is going to revolutionize how women are able to control their orgasm, due to its truly adaptable design. 160 more words


A Catcalling Infographic and a Culture that Really Needs to Address It

Feminism is on the rise. Even here in the Philippines, a country that’s 70 to 80% Roman Catholic (and the majority of the rest is Muslim), there are proponents of the movement. 642 more words

My Side

I went hiking with this older hippie chick. She had hair down to her waist and when she let her hair down she resembled cousin it on The Adams Family. 95 more words

Real Life

Seeing the Cold Hard Logic

It’s funny how sometimes we can create something into something that it never was, or see something completely different than what is was. Is it a simple case of hope or a way to protect ourselves. 486 more words

Single Life

A Sexually Awkward First Post?

Making my very first blog post in what, three years now? one that discusses a book about sex is probably not the wisest nor, to many people, the classiest way to make a good first impression for the return and revamp of my lovely little creative space online. 478 more words


No Turning Back Now

Today is my last day of work at the job I’ve been at for the last seven years. Seven years is pretty much the longest I’ve ever committed to anything; definitely making today bittersweet. 197 more words


The Unicorn

Well, it happened. I met him.

I met the greatest guy. He’s kind, he’s sweet, he’s hardworking. He thinks I’m beautiful, smart and funny.  He kisses me like he means it. 419 more words