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Girlfriend Material

Last Friday, having made plans with D for that evening, I received a rather rude midday text. That’s not rude in a good way; rude in a bad manners way. 930 more words

Miss L

Feminism and 50 Shades of Grey

Have you ever tried been dominated in the bedroom? It is so much fun. I guy can go Christian Grey on me any day but this has been a fetish long before Christian Grey and will be long after however some guys seem to have taken this dominating to another level. 329 more words


10 reasons why single mums are great in bed

There are plenty of things single mums have mastered the art of – multi-tasking, compromise and patience to name a few.

But it’s not just the ability to breathe deeply and count to ten that they rock at. 474 more words


03-03-2015 Journal–Single Mall Seniors!

Today has turned into a throw away day. It started late last night when I got caught up reading another Jack Reacher adventure novel and before I knew it it was 3 am.  I crawled into bed finally and was just about asleep when my better-half’s alarm went off at 4 am.  I stumbled into the kitchen and poured myself a large mug of coffee but it barely helped at all. 526 more words

Just Saying

Dear Acquaintance

You are far too old for me, and I suspect you’re also a bastard. But I want you. In my mind I offer you a ride home one night, then ride you in the back of my car with the lights off, pulled off the side of the road with no streetlights, clothes barely pulled to one side, pull my hair as I bite your shoulder to keep from screaming. 70 more words


Dear Husband

Hello? Anyone home? Eyes over here! Yes, I’ve been sitting next to you the whole time!

It’s me, your darling wife. No, I haven’t made dinner and the house is a mess. 156 more words