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Bunting....a very British obsession!

Go anywhere in Britain on a sunny day and you will find streams of bunting decorating parks, shops, fairs, parties….basically anywhere!  Any opportunity we get, we get out the bunting but why and where does this love of the simple flag on a string come from? 986 more words


Tailored shirt and trousers.....

It has taken a while to finish hubby’s latest outfit but I eventually got there by doing a little at a time.  My sewing habits, like all my other activities, have had to be modified since my injury; it hasn’t been easy and sometimes I am better at coping than others – after all, I used to be able to go into my sewing space and not reappear until a fully formed garment accompanied me. 215 more words


The monkey bar skirt....

Thank you to the lovely folks over at Crafterhour who provided the free pattern for my latest make for one of our gorgeous granddaughters.  This little girl is absolutely NOT a fan of any shorts or trousers but she does love to romp around in the playground, so when I spotted this I realised that we may be able to convert her….by stealth!   131 more words


Thank You Thread Theory.....

After this many years of sewing and buying patterns, you would think the novelty and excitement of a new pattern would have worn off….well, you would be entirely wrong! 322 more words


The thing with Liberty and me....

…. Is that I find it irresistible. This isn’t a problem I am alone in, but some of you may be able to curb your need to indulge by the mere cost or distance from an outlet. 187 more words