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A Raceme of Quatrain Poems

After Valentine

Can you see the azure stream, of which flesh is freshly clean?
Can you see the ivory papers, of which patterns slowly wither?
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Additional government spending: At a glance

The Conservative government tabled supplementary spending estimates Thursday for the fiscal year ending March 31. The documents identify hundreds of millions in new expenditures for programs ranging from security upgrades on Parliament Hill to the military mission in Iraq, to severance pay for federal employees. 653 more words


Cutting cords: a ritual

So following my post on the Black Moon in Aquarius/Pisces being a good time for cutting psychic links with ex-friends, ex-lovers, etc, people are probably now wondering how you actually do this.   1,438 more words

My Practise

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Does a charging order sever a joint tenancy?

In Ho Hai Kwan v Chan Hon Kuen ( HKEC 132, CFI) the question was whether there had been an equitable severance of a joint tenancy by virtue of a charging order in respect of the property against one of the co-owners. 139 more words

Michael Lower

The boss is gone - now what?

One of the comments to my previous blog asked me to address people that are not O’s during a transition.  This is an extremely important point.   2,330 more words


A Source Reaches Out to the Pulpit & Pen about Brewton-Parker, CB Scott, and Ergun Caner

[**Warning: Graphic Language used**]

“For the rest of the story on southeasterngeorgiatoday…I can help with that. Secrecy is evil’s friend and it is time to shine the light…” 1,000 more words

The Pen

If the executive is going to get fired anyway, why do they need a contract or severance?

In my last blog, I said I would address the topic of severance packages.   From the perspective of a lay person, a severance deal can be seen as an undeserved reward for failing in an organization.   1,540 more words