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Law of the Seven Rays

Law of Seven Ray (expanded)

  1. Microbe (Atom/Disorder) (That which is)
  2. Earth (Direct Perception) (What we see)
  3. Earth-Sun-Moon (Solar System in Relative to Earth (direct perception))(What we sense)
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Seven Things.

For me Sunday marks the beginning of a new week. It is the end of the weekend and usually a day devoted to rest but it also a day in which I try to finish up the week’s worth of things on my to do list. 307 more words


Apple and Google Just Attended a Confidential Spy Summit in a Remote English Mansion

At an 18th-century mansion in England’s countryside last week, current and former spy chiefs from seven countries faced off with representatives from tech giants Apple and Google…
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NarrowBoat Ezri- Making things fit, and other worries

Just like last week we put up a rail of curtains but this time for the smaller window, The rail when up easy I looks as if it had been there all this time. 355 more words

Useful windows 7 tricks to automatically switch your default printer

In Windows 7 there is a opportunity to location-aware printing by using windows 7 tricks.This useful windows 7 tricks
allows the operating system to automatically switch your default printer as you move from one network to another. 121 more words

Windows 7 tricks to Switch to a projector

In Windows 7 there are many useful windows 7 tricks .one of the windows 7 tricks is to switch to a projector.Windows 7 now provides a standard way to switch your display from one monitor to another, or a projector .To doingthis just press Win+P or run DisplaySwitch.exe and choose your preferred display. 14 more words