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The Battle of Minorca 1756

The Battle of Minorca, fought between the English and the French was the first major naval battle of the Seven Years War. Although tactically indecisive, the result led to a major strategic victory for the French, with the capture of the Island of Minorca. 91 more words

Naval Battles

From the Archives: The Loudoun Papers at The Huntington Library, California.


John Campbell, Fourth Earl of Loudoun, has a bad reputation. Seen by historians as incompetent and ineffective in command, he also raised regiments of Highlanders to help suppress the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745/6. 780 more words

Georgian Celebrity: Captain James Cook, Part 2: Cook's Voyages

This post continues the one from yesterday, which introduced Captain James Cook.

Voyages of Exploration
First Voyage (1768–71)

In 1766 the Royal Society engaged Cook to travel to the Pacific Ocean to observe and record the transit of Venus across the Sun. 2,470 more words

British History

The Great Recession, The Rise of Britain, and the Reformation

These three events appear to have nothing in common, except that that all shook the foundations of the world.  But they did have something in common in terms of symbolic meaning.   1,239 more words