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Adults are Just Obsolete Children

The loveliest thing about children is that they haven’t yet been programmed to keep their imaginations in check. When her Snow White barbie doll died from drowning in a slime pit, my three-year old daughter conducted a burial with a prayer that included a list of species I’ve never even heard of. 234 more words

Metaphysical Articles

Really? WTF, people, Buy a book of poetry and READ IT!

In the name of culture, in the name of the arts, in the name of all that is good in the world,

The Washington Post says poetry is going extinct.   406 more words


The Take-Back Machine

Oh, what a world

Oh, what it would be

If only we’d invent

The take-back machine./

Taking back nouns

Letters and phrases

Changing our regrets… 119 more words

From Within

Seuss - #146

Seuss – The words we pour into the minds of the youth, the rhymes that go with any of the times and the signs of what lies ahead through the broken and favour the bold. 37 more words



I will admit it.  I love Dr. Seuss.  I loved his books as a child, I used his books extensively as a teacher, and I still love my copy of Oh the Places You’ll Go! 298 more words

Ryan the div

Ryan is a div.

A div he is indeed.

I told him he’s a div.

And he happily agreed.


Quoth the Good Doctor

Some people miss the sunshine because they’re too busy covering their eyes up with sunglasses, don’t you think?

I like to pay attention. I like to notice everything I can. 25 more words

Wise Words