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Nursery work

3w3d to go and I am about as uncomfortable and miserable (but loving it) as I can be. Nursery is moving along- just need some final decorations and a mom’s touch. 13 more words


Weekend reading ep.5

Hello!  Here’s my summary of the week – the best articles I’ve read, and what I’ve been thinking about. Just click here and enter your email address to have this delivered directly into your inbox each week.  687 more words

Customer Experience

26 March 2015. A Seuss-Like Take on Ted Cruz


Where’s Ted Geisel when we need him? In case you forgot, Dr Seuss was a LEFTIE! Yes sir, he was one of us… not a Republican greedster at all. 51 more words


***Carnival Sunshine 2015 and 2016 Voyages announced!

Carnival recently announced some unique voyages departing from New York onboard Carnival Sunshine, from June 2015 to October 2016. Sailings range from two-day cruises to exciting 10-day Caribbean voyages. 483 more words



“They say I’m old fashion and I live in the past, but sometimes I think progress progresses to fast”, Dr. Seuss. Time, we seem to never have enough of it, some people want more of it, me, I’m just trying to understand it, but that too, ironically takes time. 490 more words


Tumble bumble.
A folly and a fumble.
Neck to neck and a splintered thimble.
The same meaning but a broken symbol.
Weighed grumbles, weighted tumbles. 19 more words

Quote of the day: Inspiration

Hello all,

I realize a lot of you don’t care much for Mondays so instead of one quote we’re giving seven. One for each day of the week. 197 more words

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