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Part 2: Goal Setting

In the world we live in, many of us have become accustom to the ways of working a 9 to 5 job. I can honestly say that those days are coming to a close for me and hopefully for my entire family. 154 more words


Adventures In Digital Series Land - Chapter 100: Setting Goals: Beat Sheets and Lip Syncing

So I’m deep in production on the new series. Last week I recorded and edited all the voiceovers. Actually did ’em twice.  First time around, something just wasn’t clicking. 385 more words

Web Series

Setting Goals and Capitalizing on Momentum

I have spent 22 years writing BLOOD TOY. As the crow flies, it only took me a few months to write it, and a few more for revisions. 362 more words

The First step towards a healthier lifestyle and a new YOU!

The first step to any change can be extremely daunting and challenging. At the end we are forced to give ourselves a long, hard look in the mirror and discover our flaws. 382 more words


Refocusing on My Life

I’m refocusing on my meal plans and refocusing on my workouts.  (I’m going to use the word refocus quite a few times) I have to write about my fears and doubts every so often and this post is really meant to refocus me in some sort of direction instead of simply floating around in this void I seem to be stuck in right now. 690 more words

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What it takes to focus and set goals like a MARINE

Sandra Gonzalez, a former US marine talks about the importance of FOCUSING when trying to accomplish goals and the obstacles that can be overcome if you apply these rules.   6 more words

Be Healthy: My Personal Tips & Tricks for Staying Motivated!

Hello, everyone! Today I want to talk about how I keep myself motivated to stay healthy. Of course, being healthy is ideal for everyone. We all love the idea of looking great and feeling great, eating right and… 1,073 more words