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National Nutrition Month


 It’s practically March. Those of us who live in New England can’t wait for March because February 2015 is in the record books as one of the Top 5 snowiest and coldest of all time. 363 more words

The Vegan Husband

My Daily Success Plan

What is a daily success plan

I started a little challenge that will help me focus on organization and direction.  Part of this challenge is coming up with a daily success plan.   213 more words

That One Thing You Need To Be Successful

Last week, I attended the February Women Communicators of Austin (WCA) meeting. President Bethany Andell of Savage Brands spoke to the group about the importance of purpose in business. 535 more words

Career Changes

Who Will I Become on the Way to This Half Marathon?

I’ll run my first half marathon in June. It’s the Manitoba Marathon, a run my Grandpa did many times (both full and half). I have patchy memories of going to see him cross the finish line, so in my head I can already picture what that looks like. 505 more words

Personal Development

Breaking the Ice, Setting Goals

I met the first two of the 6 groups of 9th graders that I’ll have this year. I knew 4 of the learners from last year class and 2 are new to me in Group B and in Group F all 3 were new to me. 1,277 more words


From Square One

Hello to you all! Sending you late* new year greetings and a mountain load of confetti (woo) Now with it being a new year and all,  I would have usually made new year’s resolutions. 211 more words


Setting Goals

Setting Goals

How many times have you heard that you need to set goals and how important they are to your success in… well, anything. You can set goals for yourself, but be aware that they can become very confusing and if you try and write your goals down and really live by that list of goals you need to achieve, then you are going to drive yourself absolutely crazy and you will just create unwanted stress in your life… Am I right? 318 more words