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Are We There Yet? Mentoring Moments, the 1min blog

What’s worse than not scoring any points? Scoring points in the wrong direction!  You may think it would never happen to you, but without clear goals and objectives you’re at risk of being “that guy.” 135 more words


Coming to terms with good enough

Hubby and I are both overachievers, raised in homes where B’s weren’t good enough and you can always do better. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with teaching your kids to always do their best, but the need to always… 510 more words

Mama Musings

Turn The Dream Into A Reality

Turn The Dream Into A Reality

What separates those who succeed and those who live their lives feeling that things could have been better?

Ask any truly successful person why they achieved and they will all tell you they had a dream, a vision for their future. 437 more words


Setting Goals & Achieving Them

I have a big goal that I’m aiming for in the near future; you may have seen my Big Trip post quite recently. Now that is one big thing to save up for whilst maintaining a healthy social life and not becoming a hermit. 638 more words

Week 6 and onto week 7


I’ve completed a few goals that I wanted to when I started out with the broken heel. I now can hangboard better (especially since I’ve never done that before), complete 50 consecutive military style one legged pushups, 20 pullups on the hangboard peg board, and almost (although still pretty far) a 10 minute plank (pushing 7 min 10 seconds). 442 more words

Photos and a ROW80 Check-In

More than ever, I’m simply loving spring. (These pictures aren’t from this year, but you get the idea.)

Just for fun, I decided to intersperse the pics with my goals for the coming week.  173 more words

Stephanie Nickel

Correcting some movement impairments


I've been having a bunch of uncomfortable muscle pain recently: a tight spot mid-spine; some numbness still in my arms; and occasionally my hip flexors are SO over worked that standing up causes serious muscle spasms in my butt. 391 more words