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After a particularly grueling late night Bikram Yoga class (I loved every minute of it by the way!) I over slept this morning! Not only that, I was horrified to discover that I had left the fridge open. 205 more words

Unexpected consequences

I have two kids, ages two and almost-one, and they think it is hilarious when little things and big things go together. For example, they cannot get over how funny it is when an adult wears a tiny baby hat. 767 more words

I Hope

Dear Readers,

I hope that wherever you are in the world, that you have nothing but great things happening to you. That you get what you need at the right moment. 65 more words

Whatever Inspires Me!!

Face your fear

“Stop running from your fears; they will eventually catch up with you, take a few steps toward them, you will find out, it isn’t scary after all.

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Personal Development

Monitor and adjust

I’m sure my teacher-type peeps will recognize that title. It’s part of Madeline Hunter’s teaching philosophy. No matter how good your plan is, you have to watch and see what happens and be prepared to change it as you go. 524 more words