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Even when it's time, goodbye hurts like hell

Two weeks ago today I said a mutual “so long” to my best friend and boyfriend, and we broke up after being together for a year and a half. 525 more words


Curve ball

You aren’t fully an adult until you have to deal with life throwing you a curve ball on your own. We’ve all been there whether it’s a loss of a job or natural disaster, life sends you for a loop. 400 more words


So today brought with it some news that made me feel a bit knocked down. The premises within which all my plans and dreams were imagined has been let to someone else. 247 more words

From top to bottom, and back up again

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Life is a roller coaster. We have our ups and downs, and sometimes we have major setbacks – some of them bad, and some of them worse. 1,570 more words

The Path Of Life

My Worst Self-Employed Nightmare Just Came True

You may have noticed by now that this post is being published later than usual…

I’m sorry for that but it’s because I have some bad news: I got a job again…at the same major bank that I just left a couple months ago. 777 more words


10 Ways Successful Lawyers Respond To Career Setbacks (Part I)

All lawyers, whether we’ve been practicing for one month or many decades, will face setbacks, disappointments, and failures. Clients pay us to deliver certain desired results, yet the outcome of any given case is never completely up to us. 718 more words

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