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noun: setback; plural noun: setbacks; noun: set-back; plural noun: set-backs

  1. 1.

    a reversal or check in progress.

    “a serious setback for the peace process”

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Internal Fitness

Strategies For Getting Through A Tough Day

Change is hard. Growth isn’t easy. Doing new things and forming new habits takes time. Sorting through what is working and what isn’t takes time. It can be frustrating when things feel like you are going backwards instead of forwards and sometimes the worst is when nothing moves at all. 572 more words


Just Keep Swimming

Even though I’m not able to swim again yet, I like to remember the Dori character singing this.

Recovery has been slow and recently it feels like it’s going in a negative direction. 331 more words


So. It’s been a long time. My bursitis still hasn’t healed, not even after the second shot of cortisone I got over a week ago. I’m getting pissed at myself, I still haven’t called my physiotherapist to make an appointment and ask about how should I proceed with exercising and training with inflammated hip. 86 more words

The Broken Pieces 

When your dream shatters what do you do to pick up the broken pieces?

I have to remain employed at the online English conversation school I work for until I’m 21. 218 more words


Killing the Hills

Sunday in my neck of the world was one of those perfect weather spring days. Sunny, glorious, get outside. Today I’m also looking at a lovely sunny day, and I kind of want to ditch my computer (after I meet a deadline, of course) and go play. 584 more words


How To Be Mentally Tough

Are you worried as to how to deal with the ups and downs from your daily life? Setback is always tough to face but think that this moment will surely lead to future achievement. 448 more words