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12 things I learned from my first serious job application

… and that it is not that different from dating.

Finally I can say: uni is almost done. So what happens now? Application time! As many of you might know, this time can be really frustrating. 374 more words


Apparitions, through Renditions.

Apparitions, through Renditions.

Customary aspects deemed within moments of this feed coming to fruition, we say give about Time, to Realize, (the known Consensus), of your “surrounding” Implications… While changing, the general fabrics, of your “beliefs”, in the general structure of this document. 625 more words

Originating In 2014


You know it’s going to happen. No matter how hard you try, you will end up eating something you shouldn’t have, or skipping that session at the gym. 117 more words


Journal Entry #6

Yesterday, it took me all day to walk ten miles. I had averaged less than one mile per hour. And it was painful. Clearly I should not have hiked at all. 506 more words


What good is in a setback?

Anyone with common sense will not want to re-do anything that can be done once.The balance of time and responsibility often makes it an inconvenient last resort to detain our resourcefulness to one task that never seems to get done in spite of our best first-go at it. 452 more words

Life Mastery

Week 18: Setbacks are part of the journey?

Just as the title implies, setbacks have to be a part of the journey, right? What great story in American Literature or Comic that doesn’t have adversity involved? 402 more words


Patience and Perspective

So much goes into moving forward. With anything really: goals, relationships, school, training or whatever else makes up your life. But sometimes I think the hardest attribute to grasp is patience. 538 more words