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Ohio residents call 911 for help with wind turbine noise

Apparently our 2 representatives, Burkley and Brown, are UNaware of problems like this.  Unbelievable since these problems occur all over the world, along with complaints about road damage, farm tile damage, rising electricity rates, etc. 269 more words


Setback – a reversal or check in progress

Whenever we try to initiate change or make improvement in our lives we inevitably encounter the odd setback. 348 more words


Ohio Rep's Burkley and Brown do NOT support the people of Ohio

Beg your pardon? We think local control means property owners making their own decisions whether to waive state minimum setbacks. HB 190 takes this existing right of the property  341 more words

David Wright suffers another setback in his recovery

David Wright, who was finally receiving some good news in regards to his return to the Mets lineup, suffered another setback, announced by the Mets today. 56 more words


Ties to a Setback

I need to sever whatever
platinum thread that
is keeping me attached to
those who won’t allow
me to bring about my full
potential and examine… 15 more words


Karma: Real or Fiction?

Do you believe in Karma? I certainly hope it exists.  It would be refreshing to believe that what goes around comes around, wouldn’t it?  The notion that you treat others the way you want to be treated, you try to take the high road, set the good example, then stew in your own footsteps while you wait for the good deed to be done. 614 more words

Rabbit Hole

I’m struggling. My stomach churning, bile backing up and blocking out rational thought. How could I let myself go? I see the rabbit hole of self-destructive behavior and I feel my feet slipping. 138 more words