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Over the last few years, there has been an enormous amount of industry discussion about how the digital world is changing the way we work. To any reasonable observer, the ways that we communicate, …

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Service Design, Service Management

European Commission – Press Release details page – European Commission – Press release Brussels, 24 February 2015 There are plenty of digital opportunities waiting to be unlocked to benefit European citizens and companies.

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Service Design, Service Management

As I spend a great deal of time every year looking at the latest technological advances for the enterprise, I’ve noticed a trend in recent years that’s long been true but is clearly markedly accelerating.

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Service Design, Service Management

How enterprise gamification can be used in call centers and contact centers for customer service gamification. How to use gamification to balance AHT, FCR and …

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Service Design, Service Management

Weekend dream: An Augmented, Connected Workforce

Could adding wearable technology to the connectivity mix make your workforce more productive and efficient? Find out in our fourth edition of Beyond the Buzz.

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Service Design, Service Management

Shaking Up Service Design: Crafting the Perfect Brand Experience

With consumers experiencing touchpoint fatigue, it’s about time to redesign the user experience, focusing on impact, consistency, engagement, and clarity for users.

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Service Design, Service Management