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Episode 21: Elyse Wagner Berry on Lazarus Saturday

This week we have Elyse Berry preaching an AMAZING sermon for Lazarus Saturday. If you know anything about Lazarus Saturday, you know that it’s not really in the Catholic or Common Lectionary… It is a part of the Eastern Orthodox calendar! 2,489 more words


Sixth Friday in Lent: Thomas Aquinas with Commentary


Thy own soul a sword shall pierce. Luke ii. 35.

In these words there is noted for us the close association of Our Lady with the Passion of Christ. 1,532 more words

From The Quarterly

Sermon, Sunday March 29, 2015

When I was growing up the one job that no one wanted to do was scoop dog poop. It was the worst job. Especially in the Spring when all those ‘packages’ made the backyard look like a chocolate chip cookie. 189 more words


Proper11c 2013: Martha and Mary

If the Martha and Mary story were about preparation, we could really help Martha.  We would share grandmother’s organizing tips, our favorite make ahead recipes.  We could be with her, helping, or text her, call her, skype, and share tips via television, magazine, Pinterest, and the latest blogs.  1,588 more words


A Case of Laryngitis

Would be absolutely the worst thing for a rabbi. After all, when you come down to it, what we do is talk. That is our bread and butter, the one role that probably defines us more than any other. 509 more words

A Spiritual Breakthrough - II Samuel 5:17-25

We’ve all faced intimidation like David did. We’ve all heard enemy lies that dent our spirit. We’ve all encountered whispers of the evil one.

See how David responded in prayer and how God responded to his earnest prayer. 29 more words

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