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Menopause and Other Random Thoughts

Disclaimer:  Men, be advised: this is not about brewing beer or making wine.

It is also not about crochet or toiletries.

It is about the sad and ugly truth about that thing our ancestors called, “the change of life.”  1,249 more words

Seriously? WTF


When I’m dealing with a million things at once, like major life choices, I don’t sleep.

Like, at all.

When I don’t sleep, I think about random crap, ranging from my plans for my rare day off tomorrow (as I’m currently employed four times over, two regular jobs & two freelance jobs, my… 765 more words

Seriously WTF?

Ignition & Friction

Sometimes I go on social media and the things that I read really grinds my gears.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts regarding Rania El-Alloul, who was told by a judge that her court case would not be heard unless she removed her hijab, … 657 more words

Seriously WTF?

Up We Go

Hey look! It’s me blogging again!

I apologize if anyone has missed my stories, but I kind of needed a breather. I needed to sort through some emotions & cope with some stuff. 858 more words

Seriously WTF?

The Neighbors...Revisited

As I write this, I fervently hope that my neighbors do not follow my blog. *snicker*

That said, “The Neighbors” have been a frequent subject of my blogs. 312 more words

Of Interest

So Much For Immortality...

You know, I have to wonder if EVERY generation thinks that they are the first ever immortal generation.  I know that the friends I went to high school with and I thought we surely must be… 579 more words


Oh, Gawd...Winter Weather + Me?

Holy balls, y’all…

My little Eastern North Carolina county is under a winter storm warning. I was totally down with this because my boss (who grew up in Minnesota and knows how to deal) was going to pick me up and make sure his right hand would be at work at 0700 in the morning. 390 more words

Seriously? WTF