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When *It* Gets Real...

We hear about it on the news regularly: “Gunman Opens Fire on Campus.”

It’s always somewhere else. Not in my town; not near my home. 918 more words


Things That Make Me Go, "Hmmmmm..."

I’ve heard, on occasion, how the media can slant things in order to garner support by the population, or certain sectors of it. I didn’t really give it a whole lot of thought, actually. 944 more words

Random Thoughts

Pertanyaan pengunjung: Mengapa CB150R saya dinamai Kobato?

Hola folks

Yap, kadang namanya pengunjung tuh mauu tauk ajah.. Terlebih kadang pengen taunya akan hal yang gak penting, seperti nama CB150R saya ini, hahaha. 239 more words


Menopause and Other Random Thoughts

Disclaimer:  Men, be advised: this is not about brewing beer or making wine.

It is also not about crochet or toiletries.

It is about the sad and ugly truth about that thing our ancestors called, “the change of life.”  1,249 more words

Seriously? WTF


When I’m dealing with a million things at once, like major life choices, I don’t sleep.

Like, at all.

When I don’t sleep, I think about random crap, ranging from my plans for my rare day off tomorrow (as I’m currently employed four times over, two regular jobs & two freelance jobs, my… 765 more words

Seriously WTF?

Ignition & Friction

Sometimes I go on social media and the things that I read really grinds my gears.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts regarding Rania El-Alloul, who was told by a judge that her court case would not be heard unless she removed her hijab, … 657 more words

Seriously WTF?