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The Legacy of My Grandparents

I went to the cemetery today and cried over the graves of my grandparents.  I cried because I miss them and because they would have been as disappointed as I am at the course my marriage is taking.  780 more words


Ēka varasādī bapōrē .... (A Rainy Afternoon)

So she sat comfortably, taking off her ballerinas folding her legs in a traditional lotus position in a corner looking heavy Mumbai downpour. It did rain heavily during the Monsoon in Mumbai but today something was different. 580 more words


I'm glad it's Friday.

It has been a very full week.  Lots of accomplishments with some heartache mixed in.  Not a lot of time for fun although I was in Boston and NYC this week.  132 more words

rebelNerd: good morning

Hello y’all…

Reflection of behaviors through general concepts… plus a lot of random things that happen during my morning activities. It’s kind of all over the place, with love. :-)

peace, love…


The Autumn Leaf (II)

The Autumn Leaf (II)

The Autumn leaf fell,
into the roughness of the soil,
after it was parted away.

Tears of blood of painful adieu, 78 more words

English Poetry

Long Walk Home

This venue is more about my progress through separation and divorce, and my new world as a single mom. Part of this process has been finding out more about myself and what I can do and how much I can accomplish. 402 more words

You know what's sad?

When my ex and I eventually move on, we will have learned how to treat our ‘significant others’ the way they deserve to be treated.  The way we should have treated each other. 120 more words