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When Kyle checked into his new unit, we would soon learn he would be leaving for Afghanistan in the fall. He was able to be there for the first day of school, fifth grade for Kaylyn and kindergarten for Boo, which was really nice because he wasn’t able to be there when Kaylyn first started kindergarten. 816 more words


After several months of taking Lexapro (and beginning to feel as though it is becoming less effective) and taking an online counselling course, I think I am finally ready to actually see a psychologist. 188 more words


I’m enroute home from the theatre and I’m tired..

I seriously need a cuddle from Mr O.. And maybe some kisses. 😔

I find the evenings without him the hardest, I can’t even call… I’d be interrupting and I really don’t have nothing important to say, I’d just like the company.. 7 more words


As She Walked Away

The house was completely silent. Everything was at their usual place. Latest newspaper, still unread, was on the table. Last night’s leftovers were still on the table, as were the dishes. 713 more words


Giving up....

For 15 years I have loved this man more than any other.  It’s been a quiet, calming love that’s carried me through the years.  For the past two months  it’s been a turbulent, torrid affair that’s cost me sleepless nights, worry and doubt as I know that we can’t ever be together in this lifetime, there are no happy endings here, we’re both married and don’t want to break up two families, and so since we began, I’ve been looking at the end point, the ending. 525 more words


Parashah Bemidbar (In the Wilderness) Numbers 1 - 4:20

This is the 4th book of the Torah, and whereas Vayikra was mostly ordinances and regulations, this book is more historical, although we do have the laws about wearing tzitzit, the regulations regarding jealousy, the Red Heifer, the menorah and Nazarite vows. 818 more words


The SNP and that pesky EU referendum

I’m not sure how much I’m looking forward to the UK government’s EU referendum promised for 2017. One referendum in a generation (© A Salmond) was enough for me. 872 more words