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The Fear

Straightforward enough. I am afraid of love. I can finally say all of this now, now that all the words have been dropped into the space between us, now that we have said the words “I love you.” 1,181 more words


Preschool Teachers' Thoughts: Drop off and Separation Anxiety

Many parents are often at a loss when you drop your kid off and he or she starts wailing and crying. It breaks your heart to leave your crying kid behind and you can’t help but wonder, why? 1,643 more words


Separation Anxiety

One of the first things our mothers teach us is how to be okay without them. I see young moms do it all the time, the lesson disguised as a game called “Peekaboo!” 351 more words


Dear Dad, Im going to say what I never got to say, and you will listen.

Written 24/8/2014

Hi Dad,

It’s been a while. I hope the other side is treating you well? Have you been looking down on us? I know you have been, because I feel you every now and then. 599 more words

Logging in my experiences - second day of daycare was the worst.

I wanted to start writing again, mainly because I’ve been going through a rough patch. We decided to enroll my first babe into daycare in anticipation for the second one arriving soon… He started daycare this Monday at 20 months and the first day was as expected. 835 more words


Separation anxiety and no more drop-off drama

You forget SOME things as a Mom.

You forget really HOW tired you are with a newborn. You forget how MUCH you threw up during pregnancy. 617 more words

Family Ties


has never
been the

with nothing
a single

is how
i feel
that you
are gone.

Anthony Monico A. Bernardino
April 21, 2015