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Let the Music Play ....

The music played

Bathing her in the beauty

Of the sweetest resonance

Each element of sound fell upon her ears

And crawled within the depths of her consciousness… 74 more words


Don't Tell Me - SHOW Me: Lessons in Storytelling

I recently wrote a post on LinkedIn about the best advice I ever received [ Here ]. Summarized: Bring me to the edge. I got another opportunity to share this last night chatting with some of the brilliant minds of Open Source Staunton [ … 431 more words


Unchanging Fragrance of Comfort

In everyday life, there is always change.  In the everyday life with Alzheimer’s, change is something that is both dreaded and feared while being an ever-present threat.  830 more words

Writing Tip: "Sense" Your Scenes

I try to read a book a week; it’s usually on a Saturday, when I have time to sit down and read a good chunk at a time.   391 more words


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I have to agree with this post in so many ways.  Just because colorful words are used, they may not be structured or written in a way that helps the reader get a good feel for the scene or even the character.  This can leave an otherwise great story, limp and lifeless - like Ben Stein's character from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. What I appreciate from this post are the questions and insight provided to help writers create more sensory scenes - the type that engage reader's 5 senses and can provoke thoughts.  I've always loved books and movies that could do this. Image: Five Senses - Tomesia Ingram

Poetics of Writing: Use concrete diction

I took a literature class at uni when I did an environmental science course.

We had to write a poem and I thought mine was alright. 327 more words


Photos On The Wall

Photos on the wall
Tell our story

Convey our joys
And our history

Happy faces
Joyous moments

Richness of life
In all its components

Showing our growth… 38 more words



When we talk about being present, it sounds easier than it is. It is not that it is difficult, it is that we start off in the present and then begin our time travels as we tell our story. 153 more words