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I seem to have been coming across contours often recently in pictures, as well as out and about. I find something fascinating, elegant and rather inviting about encoding a sequence of physical changes into another domain in the form of sinuous sets of concentric boundary lines… 105 more words


how happiness is either in the body or in the mind ?

#. Vedanta shows that everything that is joyful in this life is but a particle of that real joy, because that is the only joy there is. 218 more words

Swami Vivekananda

Making Sense

My classes this semester seem to be trying to teach a bunch of nonsense. I know this is important and that I need to know it if I want to continue, but nothing makes sense. 337 more words



So, this is an old outfit of mine that I’m posting just because I’m currently dressed in workout clothes, and I have no new outfit pictures. 252 more words


Perceivers, Perceptions, and Perceptiveness

The perceiver does not perceive themselves in the same way that they perceive other perceptions. Likewise the perceiver does not perceive their perceptions as all having perception. 114 more words


Hugging someone actually improves oxytocin levels in both people–the hormone that can help with stress and a sense of connection.


Life is pointless, yet precious

When I first read the excerpt from Carl Sagan‘s famous book “Pale Blue Dot“, I must admit that I felt mystified or should I say “ 827 more words