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HTC announces Sense 7 coming to One (M8) later in 2015

HTC has finally lifted the lid on the HTC One M9, its new flagship, yesterday at MWC 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. The new smartphone comes with the most powerful hardware today s technology has to offer, the latest version of Android, and the latest version of its UI Sense 7. 144 more words

HTC One M9 with Sense 7 helps you find your photos no matter where they may be

Whether you snap photos regularly or not, we ve all gone through trying to look for photos you ve captured in the past. It can be infuriating looking for a specific photo, and often times we give up our search simply because we can t remember where we ve stored them. 141 more words


“The project has a number of roots. Elephants in Angola, which suffered decades of civil war, have been observed avoiding heavily-mined areas, suggesting their trunks were warning them to stay away.” ( 18 more words

Losing A Sense - #SinfulSunday

Taking away one sense heightens the others, that what he tells me anyway. I don’t believe him.

He ties the blindfold around my head, tells me to lay back on the bed and not to move, he will be right back. 97 more words

February 28th, 2015

The Law of Allisonisms:

At some point, every reader will wonder, “Did that have a deeper meaning?”


“Is that supposed to make no sense?”

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Life’s what you make it, but is it?

I’ve spent my mature life (which started in my 19th B-Day) in fear of what’s coming, anticipating and waiting. Never lived the moment, just waiting for that time when I will lose something or someone. 581 more words