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Sleeping is important in our life

When sleep begins, the sense organs are gradually falling into inaction: the taste of all, the view and then smell; hearing even before, and always touch; because it is there to warn us of danger pain the body can run. 280 more words


Mindblowing Easter Designs for Nails You Must Try

If you are still looking for some sensation nail designs for Easter, than you have stopped at just the right place, we have made a gallery of some mind blowing Easter nail designs which will make you fall in love with each of them in one go, just browse the stunning gallery of Easter nail art 2015 gallery and enjoy.


We all know the stories. Rape. Murder. Kidnapping. Need I say more? By this time you probably can already recall certain stories about those women, kids or men. 371 more words

What is Bias?

In psychology, ‘bias’ refers to predictable errors in perception, or the way we interpret things. Here’s a simplified explanation of how bias works.

To start, everything we experience ‘beyond our skin’ is registered via our sensing mechanisms. 332 more words


Blog #25: Flipping the coin, how to get out of threat physiology!

To pick up where we left off in the last blog, I suggested we figure out,  ‘what must I do to get out of threat/stress physiology?’ Here are some tools that tune our bodies back into the other side of the “coin,” out of threat physiology, back to calm sense of safety. 833 more words

Bow and bower

Prostrations may simply be
Our willingness to fall

Our openness to enter the profundity and depth of real human sensational and emotional life

To stand under and understand… 20 more words


I search
for a picture
to capture the
that light
breaks free
from the heavens
and rains down
on me

that unctuous
second when the earth… 74 more words