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How Epoch is High School?

In eighth grade, I wrote a letter to my senior self. I guess you can say I was an ambitious little scoundrel. My dream job was to work at Walmart, and I wanted to achieve an associate’s degree through a dual credit system from the community college. 879 more words


June newsletter

June newsletter:  Read it and weep.  Just kidding.

Hey there.

Bet you couldn’t wait for the June news.

It’s the unofficial start of summer.

How do I know? 361 more words


New Watch for Seniors

I always wanted to be an inventor. Finally I have come up with an idea that is bound to make me a fortune.

As you get older and eventually retire, most folks develop what I call “Some-timer’s Disease,” a common ailment where “some times” you remember, and “some times” you forget. 362 more words


Elegant Writers in Class

It was playtime at the lodge this week as the ladies tried out the new Elegant Writer pens.  Techniques are similar to those used in watercolour, but there is, of course, more drawing than we usually do in the lodge class.  12 more words


A Former Teacher Engages Reality: May Is Just Another Month

Spring doesn’t mean much to me this year. Since childhood, I’ve felt a certain kind of lightness in the spring. This has had more to do with the approaching end of the school year than it has with changes in the weather. 803 more words

Protein – How Much To Consume Per Day?

Without eating enough protein, we cannot survive.

Proteins are the main building blocks of the body.  As a general rule, 10 – 35% of our daily calories should come from protein. 436 more words


Macayla Jo

You may remember Macayla Jo from her college senior session, which you can check out here.  Well, Macayla Jo is officially a college graduate!  We met up on the campus of… 55 more words

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