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The Joni Ernst Watch 3/2/2014

Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst is rarely without something to say.

Apparently, Iowans are not too enamored with Ernst’s performance as a senator given that only 38% approve… 133 more words


Congressional colleagues pay tribute to Mikulski

After nearly 30 years in the Senate, the longest-serving female member of Congress in history will retire at the end of next year. Here’s what Maryland Democratic Sen. 608 more words


Barbara Mikulski, Longest Serving Woman in Congress, to Retire

Barbara Mikulski, the Maryland Democrat who has served in Congress for nearly 40 years, will retire from her current position as United States senator at the end of her term in 2016. 247 more words

The poverty of your soul

The poverty of your soul

I started checking on what it means to band together and found it almost always started with one person who looked as though he or she had a particularly firm grasp on what was perceived as being “right”, “logical” and “proper” in their assessment of threats and the portents of the deity they followed. 833 more words

Barbara Mikulski, Longest Serving Female Senator in History, to Retire

Sen. Barbara Mikulski , the longest serving female senator in history, will retire at the end of her term, CNN reported Monday morning.

The Democrat will make the announcement Monday morning in her hometown of Baltimore. 38 more words


"Just Do It And Move On": John Boehner Can't Bring Himself To Rip Off The Band-Aid

Mitch McConnell knows what John Boehner doesn’t, namely that when you have to do something painful, it’s best to get it over with quickly. Rip off the Band-aid, chop the zombie-bite-infected leg off with one blow, just do it and move on. 624 more words