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Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Home.

It has been nearly five months since I first arrived at Edinburgh, and two days since I’ve gotten home. I didn’t have much time to enjoy Edinburgh in the last couple of weeks I was there, mostly because I was studying for finals, but I still got to spend my fair share of time in coffee shops around the city, flitting between the Royal Mile and Nicholson Street so that I wouldn’t get too bored.  313 more words

Photo of the Day #13

In the midst of all this studying and paper-writing, sometimes (or all the time) I just want to go back. Missing Spain and all these lovely people.

Study Abroad

Time to try new things…

One Step Closer... 

Guess who’s one step closer to her destination? ME!

I’ve just landed in Philadelphia for a connecting flight. The good news? It was a great flight and I slept the whole way through (and I had no one next to me so you already know how comfortable I was!). 374 more words

Reality vs. Expectation of Studying Abroad

I am rapidly nearing the end of a two-country, year-long study abroad, and it’s making me depressed.

It’s also making me reflective. Not midlife crisis, where-am-I-going-in-life reflective. 758 more words


Getting ready for my travels...

T-minus two days until my departure.

After so much packing and shopping (I had to get the essentials for my upcoming departure to Italy!), I needed to just relax and sit outside and soak my toes in the EXCRUCIATINGLY warm water (thanks for the 90 degree weather, Miami). 201 more words

Photo Diary: Semester Abroad 2015, Part 1

This time last year I was lounging around on the world’s largest hammock at Casa Elemento (Minca, Colombia). With a beer in one hand and a notebook in the other, I started thinking about the future. 361 more words