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Blue and yellow

I made this dress using a really cool ombre fabric from Stoff og Stil, and mixed it with some yellow to keep it interesting.

Dress made by me.

Photographer: Ray Larson

Hooray! A new sewing Project!

I bought this beautiful Furisode Karinui on Ebay. Karinui means, the fabric has already been cut and marked and already been basted together. Lucky for me, the Hakkake = lining along the hem and sleeveholes, as well as the left overlap, came with it. 175 more words


My first bike, of course custom made!

My father-in-law is a great guy. He’s a mechanic and still crazy like me, but with much more experience! He called and told me, that he has a present for me… I thought he means a crate of beer… No, it was a bike with a damaged engine. 19 more words


100% selfmades

Looking outside the window I see snow. Freezing and not very keen on going outside I decide that I couldn’t go, even if I wanted to. 629 more words


Spring jacket

Kuten kerroin viime viikolla, tänään kerron lisää, mitä teen tällä hetkellä. Olen alkanut työskennellä Kierrätyskeskuksen ompelimossa. Uskon, että kaikki tietävät Kierrätyskeskuksen, mutta monet eivät tiedä Plan B -mallistoa. 437 more words