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The Nature of Selfishness and Greed

 (A continuing dialogue)

                                   The Nature of Violence

Vivian: I attended a march earlier today alone with many others in the surrounding community. Our purpose was to bring awareness to the senseless violence that has plagued this community.  1,173 more words
Thought And Inspiration

An Inconsistent Mass of Inspirational Thoughts about Consistency

If I ever wanted to be completely truthful with anyone – if I really wanted them to understand a little about my mind – I would tell them about my worst quality. 646 more words



“New year, new me.” Ah, the mantra of humankind as they take the plunge into the fresh, uncharted waters of a new year.

Me? Well, I’m practically 4 months into the New Year, 2 months into parenthood (I got a dog), and 6 months into my first full time job. 128 more words

What's In It For Me?

I wouldn’t call this writers’ block and I hate to admit my increased inspiration to write during heightened emotions. I mean if you’re a writer, you write- your inspiration should be limitless, regardless of your mood. 1,035 more words

Written Work

Another vision…

Until people are given something to replace their vision, the violence and the killing must continue. Selfishness is all they know, and all they’ve been taught. 361 more words


Troubled Yet Sure

If you go to a party of deaf people, why say anything at all? At that point you employ whatever sign language you can muster. (Understanding you will be misunderstood.) 419 more words


The Hate

I prefer black and white, sepia sometimes.

Poor little thing, she was spared because she was simple.

The simple should go with the rest who must pay for their kindness. 172 more words

Words That Link Together