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Fuck balls shit twat

Well today is not going well.
The estate agents are royally fucking me over, my father is completely impossible to reason with even tho he himself suffers with mental health, so you’d think he’d understand. 88 more words


Gets too much

Am I even getting better? Because right now my head is in the same place as it was months ago before I even got help! Except from now I get snippets of my old self back. 444 more words


People can be so unfair

Has someone ever said anything to you which really wasn’t fair? Maybe they said something meaning to be nice but it just wasn’t. I’ve had lots of these moments in my life and most recently these seem to be increasing in frequency. 224 more words


"The Best Years of Your Life"

This post is going to be a little difficult for me to write, but I wanted to start officially telling my story. If at any time, anyone reading this gets uncomfortable, bored, or feels an ounce of pity, you are more than welcome to exit the page.  1,055 more words


Dear Stranger...

A little project I helped on a while back

Out 02 July 2015

‘Dear Stranger is an inspiration’ Stylist

Dear Stranger is a collection of inspirational, honest and heartfelt letters from authors, bloggers and Mind ambassadors to an imagined stranger. 102 more words


What's At The Bottom Of The Hole?

TW: Mild references to self harm.  Please proceed only if you are comfortable with the subject matter.

We’ve all heard Mental Illness described as being at the bottom of a deep, dark hole.  452 more words


Razors vs. Paintbrushes

Our main demon in mental illness goes without saying; it is our mind.

Our mind is extremely dangerous when it thinks.

Usually when you’re mentally unwell, you tend to think solely about the negatives in life and it is with this thinking that we tend to make dangerous, irrational decisions. 459 more words