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The next break

So we are all coming up to hopefully some time off work for a short much needed Easter break.

It’s mad how my whole journey of first year at university has nearly come to an end, the people I have met and the stuff I have learnt have been unforgettable. 378 more words


Lonely nights 

I drank a beer all alone tonight, I couldn’t finish it though, honestly barely got half way but I needed something to take the edge off. 146 more words

Buried In Velvet 

If only you could see

just how beautiful you are.

If only I could lend you my eyes

as you take a look at yourself. … 318 more words


Definetly not

And my night got worse, not only did my ex make it seem like he was gonna drive up but he changed his mind twenty times and then turned it on me and acted like I wouldn’t ever go down and see him when I would have if I had gas in my car. 39 more words

I'm fine. Or not.

I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine… And then I’m not…

Why can’t I either just be happy all the time or sad all the time? At least that would be consistent, but I go back and forth so much that I’m so emotionally drained and exahusted all the time. 152 more words

146 Alternatives to Self Harm

1.  Exercise. 

2.  Put on fake tattoos. 

3.  Draw on yourself with washable red marker-then take a shower and wash away your pain.

4. Scribble on sheets of paper. 926 more words