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"The ones you love mean more than anything"

I was listening to Komm Susser Tod and I had listened to this part in which she says the ones we love mean more than anything. 208 more words




My friend self-harms, she kept it secret for a while. But since she told it we never talked about it. I really want to help her but I don’t know how. 154 more words


The Incident.

So, there was a time when I was manically depressed. Bipolar rearing its ugly head again! Whoop-de-do. At the time, I had no professional help, nothing like what I have now. 109 more words

I'm my worst enemy...

Lately, I have been struggling with self-hate. It started that I was annoyed by myself and didn’t liked the way I looked, reacted and just was as a human being. 282 more words


Charts and Graphs: A poem

With rage in my chest

My heads a mess

Fueling the growing silence

I try my best

To tame this beast

With numerous pills

And a line of shrinks… 28 more words

Mental Health

Day 3 and a little bit..........

Cycles and cycles of negative thinking, I need to learn to love myself. I fall in love with anyone who likes me, compliments me or even takes me for more than one date  it seems I can force myself to love and be attracted to anyone, the idea, the what it could be like, Yet these always end in disaster  thus confirming my lack of self worth, low self esteem and ugliness. 186 more words

Letting Your Past Go & Self Harm Scars

I have been wanting to write about this for quite a while actually, but I never quite knew how to put it into words. I still don’t quite know if I am honest. 823 more words