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Free Yourself - You're Worth It!

Do you sometimes feel like you are a work in progress?  Do you feel the drive to keep improving yourself and then find yourself in a spiral of despair because you just never feel like you measure up? 366 more words

Life Purpose

All the Vulnerable Bits

“Connection is why we do what we do” This is true for social workers, tango dancers, and super heroes alike. With that realization I feel as if a I have a bit of a headstart being a tango dancer, since the goal of everything we do, is to be connected. 487 more words

Argentine Tango

LFDM Lesson 1: Know Your Own Self-Worth

As you have read, it wasn’t but a year before I met him that I had clothes being thrown in my face day-in and day-out in some shitty department store that didn’t have my name on it. 1,361 more words

Middle Class

You ARE Beautiful

I haven’t blogged in awhile and right now I am a little tired and getting ready for a busy but hopefully rewarding week ahead.

I just had to share a question – heard in church tonight – and video as it touched my heart in ways I cannot even describe ( and for me to be at a loss for words, means it hit this little heart hard… ). 329 more words

I Am Very Curious

I am a very curious individual, but it does not seem enough.  Let me give you an example.  Last week I was in a not so nice side of town needing gas so I stopped. 260 more words


Worth It

Setting boundaries –
What does it even mean?

Is it saying no? Is it saying stop? Is it saying
I don’t like that? I won’t do that? 155 more words

Self Worth

Happiness is an Inside Job

Never look to people or material things to make you happy. Learn to be happy and content within yourself. The moment you can love yourself and be happy with yourself, everything should fall into place. 9 more words