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Am I Enough Without It?

Let us begin with the fact I fully intended not to write this.

I have two perfectly good ( I think) posts in the scheduled section, ready to debut. 754 more words

Self-Worth And How God Sees You

The Next Book

Hello everyone =) as some of you may have noticed, in recent months I have not been the diligent poster that once I was. I have an excuse! 212 more words


The measure of beauty is not limited to physical appearance which is much deceiving and, most often than not, disappointing. Our selves are a set–an aggregate of various personalities and values. 174 more words


Self Confidence – Rising after a Fall

There are endless circumstances by which we can have our self-confidence rattled or even shattered. It’s easy to feel the pain of a plan failing when you’ve invested yourself significantly into a project, regardless of its professional or personal nature. 485 more words

body envy.

Thank God Pinterest didn’t exist when I was 13.
I promise you,
I would have had Bulimia.


“Weight Loss pics.”
“Weight Loss Transformation.” 772 more words