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Freaking Karma

I believe in God. I believe in the universe. I believe that humans are one with nature. Good energies will find each other and the same with negative energies. 278 more words


Perfectly "Imperfect"

Hi Beautiful people

Ahhhhhhhhh how insanely good does it feel to love yourself?

I mean just really love yourself, just as you are right now, right this minute, for all you are… 643 more words

The Gift of Nothing

Oooooo sounds so mind boggling… Dramatic, doesn’t it? Well don’t cue up the Edgar Allen Poe organ music just yet. It’s very simple. Nothing. Everything comes out of nothing. 360 more words


Rough Days

So today I spent the day with my mom. We saw Pitch Perfect 2 and I loved every second of it. Overall it was a great day, but like every other night I lay in bed and think about all the bad. 383 more words

Dancing Man

Today was one of those days.. Everyone slept through their alarm, breakfast was rushed, and there was an endless amount of housework to be done.. 212 more words

Anxiety and weight loss

As this weight loss and health process plays out I am in such thought lately…. like the kids will talk to me and I don’t even hear them, then they pinch me and I snap out of it. 518 more words


Christine Says Hello

I don’t think I’ve ever really introduced myself…
and after about 3 and a half years, it’s probably time. ;)

So here’s a video welcome from me to the KMW blog. 10 more words

Self Worth