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From The Mouths Of Babes

So I’m sitting here in the quiet of the evening wondering what my next step will be.
Tonight my Son, The Boy, completely yanked on my heart strings and crumbled my strongly built (or so I thought) “Wall Of Self Protection And Loathing” in one totally beautiful and loving sentence. 907 more words

Pour your acid on me

I’ve never liked the thing I see
Been so trapped by the vile outside of me
Drowned in my own toxicity
Haunted by the mirror-version-me… 204 more words


Blending In

Blending in
Doesn’t make you unnoticeable…
It’s merely an opportunity
For your uniqueness
To stand out.

Photo Credit: pininterest.com

Originally posted Jan 12 2014


Building Self-confidence: a simple step to starting your career as a Business Artist

A Business Artist tends to be in the business of combating the status quo. Thus, a Corporate Business Artist might ditch the power point and embrace team building exercises. 129 more words


Have you ever......?

Have you ever noticed that some people are so self absorbed that they can’t see beyond their own needs and wants to genuinely care about another person’s feelings? 71 more words


Five Things I Want To Teach My Daughter

After having two sons, my husband and I welcomed our daughter into our family almost two years ago. Being a mother to a little girl (after my own father being noticeably absent from my young life) has changed me in more ways than I have time to describe in this blog post. 1,190 more words