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Circles, Tapes and Classes

Before I share what I’ve done this week with you, I wanted to talk a little bit about Lean In Circles, just because I said I would and then forgot to in my last post. 1,158 more words

A Little Brit Awkward – Auditions

From the time I somehow managed to lock myself in the casting room bathroom for over an hour and had to completely dismantle the lock with a nail file, emerging a sweaty panicked mess who then had to return the restroom key to the casting assistant, to the time I had to teach an 80 year old woman what twerking was (ME+TWERK=FAIL) and everything in between, it’s been a pretty epic 7 years of auditioning in LA. 499 more words


It seems like when an opportunity arises, I end up with a sick child. I missed my first web series audition due to this poor situation. 134 more words


AUDITION VIDEO: Ellen Page for 'Juno'

I thoroughly enjoy watching other actors work because it’s an opportunity that allows you to see the choices they made with the text.  The observations help me become a better actress because it helps me see what works and what doesn’t work. 42 more words

One Step Closer :)

One step closer to being a kickass character that is, although I wasn’t sure one of those words would fare well in the title. I’m also one step closer to getting work in Toronto, at least theoretically. 344 more words

Headshots, Self-Tapes and Challenges

A lot of really exciting things have happened for me over the past 24 hours. There is also a lot coming up in the next couple of days, so I am in a really good, inspired place right now. 508 more words

Train Like An Athlete

To start off, I would like to elaborate on the inspiring articles I read last week. I often go through phases where I am extremely motivated, before I go back to my normal self. 1,253 more words