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Letting Go

Letting go

leaves room

for the new

which you hadn’t

even considered


without a place in

your life for it.

Letting go is not a… 88 more words

Creeping Snail Watercolor

s l o w l y
He carries mud on his shell.
The cracks in the mud repeat on his skin.
I watch in envy of his leisurely demeanor. 200 more words


Jobs for the productive garden in April

In the kitchen garden it will really be a question of keeping an eye on the weather this month, and judging when the time is right to sow seeds and plant out more tender things. 197 more words


When Pigs Fry: An Introduction

Disclaimer:  Vegetarians and animal lovers beware, this post and all future “WPF” posts will include the true story of carnivorousness.

One of the endeavors that we’ve looked most forward to in our homesteading journey is raising, slaughtering and butchering our own pig. 289 more words

In The Kitchen

The Reality of Eating Meat

So, I want to preface this post by saying that I have purposely refrained from adding pictures in order to avoid offending anyone. I have been apprehensive about writing about this experience because I’m not sure that I’m ready for the potential hate mail I’ve been warned may come. 767 more words

Relationships are they dead?

During a cosy dinner this weekend an interesting question stuck in my head; Are relationships dead? In the western civilization it is only necessary for us to be together with a partner is to reproduce. 232 more words


Greenhouse Cat Scan

I had a cat scan  of the greenhouse.  Kitty did a quick scan, decided there were no mice then laid down to take a nap.