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Morning Baking

The weather lately has been terribly wet and crazy. Today was no exception. Despite a long list of to-dos outside, the weather just isn’t allowing for it. 201 more words


The Harvest Begins!

We have just begun to harvest some of our vegetables. The one we look forward to with anticipation is the broad beans. Harvested young they are gorgeous! 46 more words


International Chest Monday

Chest Mondays! Where every single person in the gym is training chest. Luckily today was not so crowded and I had a short amount of time to get a lift in. 77 more words



My kids and I spent the Fourth of July afternoon picking blueberries at a family friends house. They have so many plants the three hours we picked barely or a dent in them. 21 more words

Self Sufficiency

Can you mourn a chicken nugget?

Some of you will know how much I like animals. I adore and love my pets. I also like the idea of being self-sufficient, buying organic and I dream of raising and growing my own. 625 more words


Our Purpose

We decided to create this blog for several reason. For starters, we wanted to document our progress in going from house to homestead for our own personal benefit. 421 more words


Beginning The Journey

Self sufficiency. It’s a concept that my wife and I have been thinking a lot about, lately. ¬†Why do we spend all of our time working for money, just so we can hand it over to the grocery store? 272 more words