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Respect? Concern? Justice? Alien subjects!

There are times when I wish that my family was more self-sufficient, especially when I view the world’s chaos playing out on the television screen in our living room. 308 more words


Great Meals

After years of allotmenteering one of my favourite times is when the food starts coming together. And when meals develop, peppered with home grown elements. … 100 more words


Feed Yourself From Your Yard, Part One

So I’m breaking away a little from my usual blogging topic of discussing the goings on here on our farm to talk a bit about self sufficiency for the typical suburbanite. 711 more words


Our Purpose

We decided to create this blog for several reason. For starters, we wanted to document our progress in going from house to homestead for our own personal benefit. 422 more words


Beginning The Journey

Self sufficiency. It’s a concept that my wife and I have been thinking a lot about, lately.  Why do we spend all of our time working for money, just so we can hand it over to the grocery store? 272 more words


Tending yeasty gardens

It took a while but I’m well into cruising mode now with long spells at sea without access to supermarkets and I’m extending my repertoire of home grown products.  589 more words

Life Onboard

The Day Of The Triffids - by John Wyndham (1951)

In this classic science fiction novel, triffids are plants that have been bio-engineered to produce a high-quality oil extract. They give off a poison, however, and have to be handled carefully. 256 more words