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All Work. No Play

This time last year I was about to be phenomenally stupid.

I was about to work a:

  • Full-time job in a health shop.
  • Part-time as a housekeeper for six weeks.
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it's always something

Hello, friend…

I’m not feeling all that great. I’ve got a cold. And I HATE having a cold. I become a miserable baby when my sinuses are plugged up… likely because all of that stuff never fully developed. 460 more words

99 Problems but Good Friend's Ain't One

I recently drove from Texas to Florida with my best friend. Normally I would caution anyone and everyone to skip the monotonous drive and hop on a plane, but on this occasion I recommend enduring the 16 hours while listening to a healthy mixture of ScHoolboy Q, the Dixie Chicks and an audio book. 1,323 more words

Being a woman

It is hard being a woman, if you could sit down and reflect on all the things that make it so exhausting and draining to be a woman in the 21st century. 529 more words

Off Subject: Your Own Destiny

July 1, 2014

You create your own destiny. You can take the easy route, settle for less than what you deserve, be unhappy, and play the victim, or you can choose the hard route, maintain your self-respect, love yourself enough to never settle, and be the hero in your story. 6 more words


Your Inner-Self

Very often when people hear the saying, ‘look after number one’ they generally think it means being self-absorbed. In a way the statement could sound selfish to some people, however I believe there is more to this statement than meets the eye. 814 more words