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Crowded Field

Standing in a crowded field watching people rather than the band, I wondered if I was carrying a little girl and if so how I was going to teach her to be proud, strong, independent, smart and all of those other things that women dream of being but many of us do not achieve. 346 more words

Why Am I Out Here?

Living A Whole Life, With Integrity . .

Think about all the ways we compartmentalize our lives, easily and willfully. We can often even seem to be different people in various places and with certain others. 491 more words


Women, you are on your own!

Have you ever thought of what would happen if all women embraced their flaws and also praised other women instead of bashing them? That’s what my favourite tweleb; ThickLeeyonce does all day every day. 279 more words

letting go of what doesn't matter

There are times when you have every right – and should – get angry, or upset, or cry. There are times to take something to heart and to take something personally. 429 more words


A Declaration for myself

As the month of April approaches, I make the following promise to myself:

I will treat myself with the utmost respect. I will treat my body and soul as the art form that it truly is. 45 more words

Mae West had it right

No woman should put a man above her men and women should be partners nobody should be “in charge”. Narcissists look for women that don’t value themselves and need a man to make them feel complete. 334 more words

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