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MALIGNITY, Poem by Brandon Rodriguez

Genre: Dark, Self Reflection

MALIGNITY, by Brandon Rodriguez

No one said they loved me, Not one single soul.

Why would they? I’m ugly, my teeth are yellowish gold. 242 more words


No voice to mourn...

True indeed that Life comes with no guarantee. In fact, ‘fragile’ would be an understatement to describe this erratic term. It isn’t offbeat to say that the last goodbyes in life aren’t planned. 275 more words

Nepal Earthquake

Poem- Our Mirror

Sometimes, girl, you shame me
Or your examples tame me
But never and not struggling are not the same to me

This is my identity… 45 more words


Filling in the Plot Holes (Manually)

Everything shifted, and a plot hole filled in.

For once I can say that I had a good editing day. If I were you I’d take this down as a historical event, because I do not think that it will happen again. 691 more words

Creative Writing

Excuse me, Ma'am, but that Sushi is Finite

I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s not a secret that will matter much (unless you happen to live in the Seattle suburb area), but it’s not something I share with others lightly. 426 more words



When you waiting on new life and it’s understanding you receive instead…

Self Reflection

Reflections of My "Josie Grossy" Teens and Cool-Kid Dreams

Next week, I am guest speaking in a middle school exploratory newspaper class and talking about my experience with journalism. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity to share stories of my internship with LA YOGA Magazine, and encourage students to join their school newspaper in high school. 1,179 more words

Self Reflection