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Single contemplations

I’ve recently gone through some rather drastic changes, starting off with the break up between my boyfriend and I. We had been together for nearly three years with plans (or so I thought) to move in together in the fall and then eventually down the road get married and have children – he even brought up ideas for wedding ceremonies and children’ names. 1,147 more words


Life After Death(s)

There always seems to be a tremendous amount of focus and fascination surrounding the topic of life after death. An analysis of whether there is a life after an individual passes on. 1,045 more words

Self Reflection

Round 1 of Condo Maintenance, Fight!

It’s been a busy Saturday, with a lot of get-it-done spirit. Sean and I closed on our new condo on Thursday and, after spending a bit of time there on Thursday evening to pick out some things that needed repairing, we made a list of things to be done and got started on the smaller ones today. 413 more words


Lại nghĩ về cuộc đời vào một ngày tháng Ba

Cuộc đời này ngắn lắm chẳng dài đâu
Cứ nghĩ rằng hiện tại đang là dài nhất
Dù vật lộn với những giấc mơ hay cố nằm mơ giữa những lộn xộn… 377 more words

Bước chậm lại trên thảm cỏ xanh

Tôi sẽ giữ đói khát lại trong lòng, giữ hoang dại lại trong máu,

Giữ những giấc mơ chưa biết sẽ đi đâu về đâu, 273 more words

Chặng đường một phần tư

Em là cô gái miền xuôi, sinh ra ở phố

Tuổi thơ em gắn chặt đất Hà thành

Mà lại xa với đồng bằng châu thổ… 1,141 more words

Historical Tapestry; the War between Good and Evil

Divine Wars; the Awakening, was born after a trial and error of sorts. I thought it would be a story of reincarnation and the threads that weave us through past lives and as a result, one another. 357 more words