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Today, like most sundays, Mary is away, so I have the house to myself.  Unlike most other sundays, however, my mother’s come up to Pennsylvania to visit.  306 more words

[EF#20] Best Partner in Life

Let’s call this person as E, because we have the same initial name.

Who is E?

E is my friend ever after. I met E since I was child, when I knew how to use my frontal lobe part of brain. 465 more words


Mirror, mirror... why bother with self-reflection?

I sat across the table from a young student while perusing his semester reflection.  “I don’t understand why we have to do this,” he said, “it’s just a waste of time, when I could be using the same time to write lesson plans or study for my classes.”  Why bother, indeed, I thought.  771 more words


Tôi nhìn thấy chính tôi

Bỗng một ngày tôi nhìn thấy chính tôi

Trong một tấm hình chẳng lấy gì làm đặc biệt

Tôi đứng đó và cười

Trong nắng mùa xuân sáng lên rực rỡ 298 more words

Single contemplations

I’ve recently gone through some rather drastic changes, starting off with the break up between my boyfriend and I. We had been together for nearly three years with plans (or so I thought) to move in together in the fall and then eventually down the road get married and have children – he even brought up ideas for wedding ceremonies and children’ names. 1,148 more words


Life After Death(s)

There always seems to be a tremendous amount of focus and fascination surrounding the topic of life after death. An analysis of whether there is a life after an individual passes on. 1,065 more words

Self Reflection