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Before you can learn, you have to unlearn

Our perspectives and worldviews are held powerfully in our minds. So, can we unlearn them to make way for a new type of learning? Apparently, yes! 200 more words


Self Esteem and the Craft

I started working on this post for my parenting blog, but I found so many over laps to things that we forget as adult pagans. Being comfortable in ourselves is just as important as any lesson you can learn about the Goddess and the theories behind the religion. 1,741 more words

Self Esteem

Every journey has a begining.

Welcome, to what will hopefully be, an outlet for my daily thoughts, a place to document my questions, and hopefully share my ever increasing enlightenment in this journey that we call life. 403 more words


Dear Conscience

Perfection for any one is unattainable.

So why do you expect the unattainable from those around you when you can’t attain perfection from the closest person to yourself?

Your own soul.



Sit and Reflect

Our minds are powerful places. They are where we have privacy so we can think what we want, where we make judgments, and where we create new, innovative ideas. 466 more words


"A Rose By Any Other Name..." : The importance of your Name

Many people think ‘Citlalli’ is my last name, because I use it on Facebook as my last name. However, it is actually my middle name. This very hard to pronounce name actually means “Star” in Nahuatl, one of the many indigenous languages of my birth place; Mexico. 819 more words

About Me

Flashback Friday: Origins

I wrote this piece a couple of years ago for an internship interview with my program coordinator. It’s just a little bit about myself and the way I view(ed) things. 1,326 more words

Self Reflection