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Have More Than You Show. Speak Less Than You Know.

“Beautiful people don’t need to show off.”

Paulo Coelho

Always remember this and trust me you will be a lot more happier in life.

You will spend more time living and less time showing.

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The Writer's Mirror: Darkness Within

I find that embracing your inner darkness is something everyone should do. Examining my thoughts and experimenting with them helps me understand it in incredible depth. 207 more words


The Readiness Dilemma

Have you ever heard these statements…  “I’m just not ready right now.” “I’m not ready for that yet.” “I don’t think I’m ready for this.”? 1,021 more words


Head up, looking outward

• Head up, looking outward

This morning I was awoken by my puppy, again. This nine month old Rottweiler is an alarm all himself. Every morning 6:30 AM; or Pee-O’clock to him. 358 more words

Thomas J Bellezza

Weekly Insta-Inspiration 2

For those just joining in… I make a daily post on Instagram of something insightful, inspirational, and/or motivational with the purpose of sharing my journey so that it might help others in theirs. 835 more words


On Weaving a Memory.

When I was little (somewhere between 4 and 7) my Mom had a fondness for knitting. She had one of those Singer sewing machines and occasionally worked with crochet. 275 more words

Self Reflection

Five Tips to Tackle Any Health and Fitness Goal

We all do it: Make a “resolution” or “goal” to work toward and inevitably a few weeks go by and there are a number of reasons or excuses why you feel you can no longer continue working toward that goal. 503 more words