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Flashback Friday: Origins

I wrote this piece a couple of years ago for an internship interview with my program coordinator. It’s just a little bit about myself and the way I view(ed) things. 1,326 more words

Self Reflection

Dear Conscience

Why did you wake up today not ready for the world?

Why did you curl yourself in a ball happy to stay confined within those four walls?

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Have More Than You Show. Speak Less Than You Know.

“Beautiful people don’t need to show off.”

Paulo Coelho

Always remember this and trust me you will be a lot more happier in life.

You will spend more time living and less time showing.

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The Writer's Mirror: Darkness Within

I find that embracing your inner darkness is something everyone should do. Examining my thoughts and experimenting with them helps me understand it in incredible depth. 207 more words



She walked outside all alone, thinking. It was a foggy evening; you couldn’t see the sky except for clouds of white. It was damp. The air had a musty smell. 785 more words


The Readiness Dilemma

Have you ever heard these statements…  “I’m just not ready right now.” “I’m not ready for that yet.” “I don’t think I’m ready for this.”? 1,021 more words


Head up, looking outward

• Head up, looking outward

This morning I was awoken by my puppy, again. This nine month old Rottweiler is an alarm all himself. Every morning 6:30 AM; or Pee-O’clock to him. 358 more words

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