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Production vs. Marketing – the Fundamental Conflict

Production vs. Marketing – the Fundamental Conflict

by Mary Ellen Stepanich, Ph.D.

Once upon a time I was a professor at Purdue University, teaching organizational behavior (OB) to management students who had aspirations of becoming corporate bigwigs. 659 more words

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Unhinged Geezer (Chapter 3-b)

Chapter 3-b 

The Starbucks on Rancho California Road was busy as usual. Five people stood in line ahead of me, waiting for their orders. I looked around and saw the young pastor sitting at a table in the back of the room. 885 more words


Self-publishing: red-headed stepchild, or golden opportunity?

The idea of publishing work sans any sort of professional assistance is alternately thrilling and horrifying. I recently got deeply immersed in researching and learning more about the world of self-publishing, and without further ado, I found myself deep in a state of flow. 580 more words


The Secret to Success

Editor’s Note: Samuel Zell-Breier is the newest member to join the Anita Lovett & Associates team. It was with this stirring writing sample that he commanded our attention.

566 more words
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Self-Publishing: V is for...Value

 How do you know what price to set for your book? How do you know if you’re going too high or too low? The price people are willing to pay might be different than the value the book has to you, but you also don’t want to lower the value of your book by pricing it too low. 151 more words


Soul Bleeder, Chapter 3: The Werebeasts

Chapter 3


The werebeasts clamber towards us, even as we dart towards them.  Joshua and Elizabeth are holding back a little more than I would like, but they’re still close enough that I should have no problem protecting them.   1,169 more words