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The Case For The Defence

Broadchurch 2 has taken somewhat of a battering by the critics and the significant drop off in its ratings. It would have been a miracle of modern TV if Chris Chibnall et al had been able to maintain ratings at the overhyped level of the first series (aired nearly two years ago now). 619 more words

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Broadchurch Series 3 - Why It Has To Happen (contains potential spoilers)

People have been disappointed I think in the main with the second series of Broadchurch. As a writer I have been sucked into the storyline and trying to read Chris Chibnall in terms of where he is taking the plot. 806 more words

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That Was The Year That Was

2014 turned into a busy old year – a companion book released, a sequel written and released and a good old stab at NaNoWriMo.

2015 promises more of the same – though I’m thinking of learning from mistakes of the last year and actually compose a calendar for short story competitions in order to ENTER them. 310 more words

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A Sepp Opera

Yes a Sepp Opera has more plot twists than even the most bizarre soap opera TV writers can imagine.

This morning at 9am GMT FIFA declared the investigation into the 2018/2022 World Cup bidding process closed with no ‘significant’ wrongdoing identified. 711 more words

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FIFA's own report into 2018 bids

Following on from the 2022 blog post yesterday I thought I would examine in detail the report from FIFA’s own technical committee on the bids from England and Russia for the 2018 competition. 938 more words

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Who's Up For It?

What a few weeks it’s been!

Completing The 11th Apostle (still doing the finishing touches to get it ready for market), starting a new (and very demanding) job and contemplating (that’s about all I can manage) concluding the snagging list to get my house up for sale. 255 more words

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World Wide Wix

Now that the easy bit is almost done (the writing part), the tricky bit of getting it sold edges ever nearer. Having learned some lessons from AOA I have a marketing plan that includes a number of prongs of attack. 433 more words

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