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Hi guys,

There are quite a few great advertising options available:

1. Reblog – $50 - Do you have a WordPress.com blog? Have you written a piece you’d want everyone to read? 303 more words


Two Week Hiatus

I’ll be unable to post to this blog for two weeks while I go on an adventure (and yes, I’ll be writing fiction during it–sticking to a daily routine is what helps me keep producing 2-3 books a year and I do NOT want to break that cycle now that I’ve just started it!).

E noho rā

Self Publishing Blog

Do You Write Story Twists?

The Difference Between A Great Twist And A Mediocre Twist.

The link above takes you to a revealing article that explains why certain twists work better than others. 24 more words

Self Publishing Blog

3 Mistakes You're Making On Social Media You Need To Stop Now - Rachel Amphlett

Edit: Updating the link because this particular article went bye-bye, but Rachel Amphlett still has lots of great social-media advice HERE (Click)!

Self Publishing Blog

Successful Kickstarter Campaign?

Was it a successful Kickstarter campaign? Technically, yes. In the details, it was and it wasn’t. With four days to go, my co-author Linda and I have been fully funded. 219 more words

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Shameless Self Promotion

HEY you!

Yes… you.

Every now and then you visit, I’ve seen your face before. Maybe you don’t visit as often as you like (certainly not as often as *I* would like), but HERE is where I need you the most. 134 more words

Self Publishing Blog

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dialogue | LitReactor

I’ve been posting up lots of links to articles lately, and it mostly has to do with that whole “wheel reinvention” thing. Plus, the sources can lead you to your own brilliant discoveries. 62 more words

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