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I these are the photos from my first shoot, I used a canon digital camera, uploaded them on to my mac then sent to my phone, its here I edited the photos using the social networking app Instagram. 41 more words

First Shoot: Contact sheet

My first shoot consisted of me experimenting with the mirror reflection idea, using Iles as inspiration with using two mirrors. I love using mirrors and it captures different aspects of whats going on in the picture, offering the viewer a choice at where to look, either me in the forefront or me in the reflection behind. 52 more words

Self-Portrait With Raw Nose - small acrylic painting

Acrylic paint on wood block. About 6″ x 6″.

Accentuating temporary flaws and vulnerabilities has become an art trigger. My nose was so sore from blowing it all day, I wanted to celebrate its redness.


Fragments: Self-Portrait

For this project I had to shoot a series of self-portrait that do not show my face. The focus is on my outfit that tie the series of self-portrait that make me unique. 64 more words

Self Portrait

Self portraits are supposed to portray the subject accurately, but I needed strength, so I painted myself like I was a damn valiant hero. A hero the world desperately needs, creating justice and fighting crime by poking people with paint brushes and dropping smoke bombs laced with turpentine. 11 more words

Fine Arts

A Self-Portrait & Reflections on Identity

4 am. Jet lag. I write this post from the comforts of my mom’s apartment after a 14-hour flight back to the Western world. I’ve had much to be anxious about on my return home after over a year. 913 more words