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You Can Change Your Life - You Can Create Your Dream

“If you are searching for the one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.”

 For a long time I was searching for someone who would save me and help me. 687 more words

Holistic Health

Finding the Feminine

Disclaimer: This isn’t suitable for children. No one is being attacked or blamed. I am simply stating facts about an experience.

I started this blog to help people fight low self-esteem and low confidence. 2,993 more words

Self Love

failure to launch, take 2

As I suggested Monday, there are economic reasons why some young adults are still living in their parents’ basements. There may be some emotional and developmental ones as well. 243 more words


A transition; a branching.

I remember the days when it wasn’t so important how I looked, how I presented my physical self to the world. When the state of my hair and face and body was inconsequential, when my days were filled with innocent, immediate concerns. 329 more words


new year's resolution : 4 months update.

every year we are thousands to take new resolutions expecting them to change our lives but every year we are the same thousands to drop them after 1 week or 2 for the bravest — and i’m a part of those people. 192 more words


Fear not the anvil


Love, how your shadow
sparkles a chandelier bright
Behold, heart, behold

and so surrender
and be loved yourself, in time
for your spirit shines… 18 more words