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"Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need." -Cristina Yang

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I seem to always have an issue with this concept. As Earnest Hemingway so poetically put it, “the most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.” I’ve always had trouble loving myself and although I do believe you can love someone despite not loving yourself, I also believe that loving yourself is key in keeping a healthy, long-lasting, and stable relationship with someone. 97 more words


Its feels like years but we're still right here

Is it the size of my waist or the shape of my face or my lack of poise and grace or are you tired of the chase cause I know I always made you wait and I used my lips and thighs as bait but I promise you I wasn’t trying to tease cause boy you make me weak at the knees but I just can’t let you in not even at “please” cause what happens when you see that I’m not perfect in all the ways I pretend and I know that you’ll only leave in the end so its easier if we go back to being just friends or even better strangers cause that way when I see you kiss her I won’t feel alone or wonder why or where we’d have gone or remember how your arms would feel like home and I won’t crave your voice when I reach for the phone and I won’t ache for your body to make me moan so just go, just go, just go..

Eating Disorders

Are you a woman in the 10%...

Are you a woman in the 10%? The other 90% are at home eating or staying stagnant with unhealthy careers. The 10% is the ones making themselves better everyday and filled with joy. 390 more words


5 Lovely Lessons To Learn In Spring

It is hard to describe to you all of the feelings that I have felt over the last few weeks as the world around me has changed from a dark, dull monochrome into a sparkling, iridescent landscape. 1,465 more words


Vanity in Progress!

My Vanity!

Oh how I wanted a vanity! My earliest memories of this luxury item, I was about four. I would never dare ask for one. 683 more words


Run N Slug '15 and Thyroid Strikes Back

Memorial Day Run and Slug 13k

This is the second time I have run this event, thought the course very familiar as I use it as a training location because of its location and distance. 713 more words


When Two Worlds Collide

I will reveal to you that I am currently a little overwhelmed by the delicate state of my heart. My heart that feels of a sand paper victim with a lifetime sentence. 767 more words