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Thank You, All You Blogsters

Good morning all you amazing blogsters.  I felt compelled to come in and simply offer a good morning to you all, with much love and adoration.   211 more words

Becoming The Best I Can Be

Vedanta Course #19 - Tattva Bodha Part 14: You Exist Independently

After explaining in the previous video that as the unchanging conscious subject, you cannot be the known unconscious objects, this video concludes the discussion on the logic of discrimination by showing how you, consciousness, do not rely on anything to exist, not even the mind or brain. 35 more words


First group meeting - March 30th 7-9pm

Hi everyone,

the group meetings will start on Monday March 30th at 7pm in the Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury road http://salisburycentre.org/

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes


I stopped seeking

I was meditating and doing self-inquiry for hours a day, trying and trying to get lucid (awaken spiritually). After months of this I have given up. 616 more words


Subatomic Particles

Subatomic Particles

Our star bodies are made of elementals and sub atomic particles.

As the laws of nature work on all That
OM Tat Sat… 68 more words


This Host is Your Being in its Purity - Osho

I am never born as a body.

I am not the ten senses.

And I am neither intellect,

nor mind nor everlasting ego.

I am eternally pure self-nature… 5,419 more words