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This Identification is Ego - Osho

The Self or soul is both God and Living Being.

But the body, which is not the soul,

gets infected with a sense of ego, … 1,381 more words


Inquiry of Consciousness

Is consciousness anything more than an immaterial biological projection?

If all my experiences are immaterial then does it really matter?

From BE HERE NOW by Ram Dass

Path Of Awakening

Causeless joy/peace & the inherent emptiness behind thoughts... new MJ Awakening Blog

Causeless joy/peace is revealed to already be present when the belief in the idea of a separate “me” is seen through. Is the thought of a “you” the same as an actual separate, independent entity? 59 more words

8/26/14 Throwback: Considering "becoming" a mystic... haha

Today I was seriously considering becoming a mystic. Jesus said he was the resurrection tho! This is the most tossed about I’ve ever been.

Why Jesus if no resurrection? 12 more words

Path Of Awakening

Self Awareness ?

Some time ago someone asked me “What is self awareness ?” (I think it was JD) and at the time I thought “How do I answer that ?”. 430 more words


8/22/14 Throwback: Just Thinkin' About Sainthood

I am some divine thing trapped in the body of an animal and the mind of a man.

What maybe I should do is just become more and more like Bhagavan Das, just less talking, more “be”ing. 74 more words

Path Of Awakening


The most important thing to learn about any experience is the experiencer. Otherwise one has not really learned anything. After all, experiences are impermanent but the experiencer is here to stay.

Wandering/Wondering Thoughts