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Who am I? Meditative self-enquiry

Gary Weber shares with us another lovely meditation in the spirit of Ramana Maharshi: Who am I? The first one shared on Beyond Meds is here:  299 more words

Mental Health

Vedanta Course #24: Tattva Bodha Pt. 19 - The Five Sheaths

This video explains the five sheaths (food, vital air, mind, intellect and bliss) and shows how you, the self, cannot be any of them.  If you have a question about this video, … 29 more words


This Witnessing is the Buddha - Osho

When there is nothing to perceive – No input from the body or the mind and so one has nothing by which to define oneself – Is what is left witnessing? 223 more words


Vedanta Course #22: Tattva Bodha Part 17 - The Causal Body

This video explains how ignorance is the cause of the gross and subtle bodies and how ignorance is beginning-less.  If you have questions about this video, leave a comment below or… 25 more words


History repeats itself....

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What's My Vibrational Problem?

I got up this morning feeling all blah and icky.  This is totally unlike me.  I love getting up in the morning.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Friday.   490 more words

Becoming The Best I Can Be

Where love meets wisdom ......

Self realisation can be approached from love and compassion as well as from wisdom! Eventually love and wisdom merge into the one experience of self realisation. 36 more words