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Vedanta Course #29: Tattva Bodha Pt. 24 - Ignorance, Projection and the Essential Non-Difference of the Individual & Total

This video explains how in order for there to be an apparent creation, there must first be ignorance of the non-dual self followed by projection of name and form onto the nameless, formless self. 55 more words


Feel First Your Own Feeling - Osho

This morning you spoke of the need to be responsible, to not lean on others, to be alone.

I see I have been taking sannyas as an excuse to avoid these things – Asking you all the time what to do, calling on your presence when I am sad and lonely, imagining you are with me, filling all the emptiness. 1,617 more words


Crocodile Spotting

From Don:
May 31, 2015.
After two weeks of a sore throat and coughing, I suggested to Alison that some of my physical symptoms could be due to my ambivalence about staying in a body. 1,705 more words


no approval needed

As layers peel away, I sometimes come across a part of myself that I really do not want to meet and make nice with.

Er, hi. 537 more words

Vedanta Course #27: Tattva Bodha Pt. 22 - Maya & Creation

In this installment of the Vedanta Course series, the section in Tattva Bodha explaining how maya is the cause of the ‘not-self’ or creation is unfolded. 35 more words


Tsunami Of Dark Thoughts & Feelings

(Conversations with Rad Dad)

Q: For the past few days I have been overwhelmed by dark thoughts and feelings to the point where I really thought I was going to lose my mind. 522 more words


Here is Your Home, Your Eternal Being - Osho

How are one-pointedness, concentration and meditation related to each other?

Prem Dinesh, one-pointedness, concentration and meditation are not related to each other at all. This is one of the confusions prevalent all over the world. 2,242 more words