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Personal Goals and How I'm Planning To Reach Them

Long time no see!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working pretty steadily, and quite honestly, passing out as soon as I get home. 1,757 more words

Life Talks With Rachel

Getting Pretty and Ready

The past two day’s missions were aimed at making my space a little nicer, more beautiful, and getting ready for things. I swapped the days due to life obligations. 751 more words

The Art of Delaying

I’m fed up with this.

What seemed like harmless procrastination seems to constantly create more problems in my life.

I can deal with failure. I thrive off it, I learn from it; I benefit greatly from mistakes. 202 more words

Common Mistakes we Make Every Day....

We all make health-related mistakes every day. From sneezing into our palms, to forgetting to wash our hands before eating, but there are a few very common health mistakes that don’t necessarily make sense unless you’re  a doctor. 787 more words

Interesting Read

Message For the Day..." Eyes with which one can see everything that is outside can not see themselves..."


Vikshepa is an affliction of the mind that consists of worldly distractions; various spiritual exercises (sadhanas) are undertaken to overcome it and realise the Divine. The  121 more words

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Kez Gets Physical: Measuring progress.

So it’s been about a month since I got my treadmill and decided to really get my act together when it comes to my fitness. Here’s my best day from this week, as proof I’m really trying! 708 more words