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Hey Lazy, why do you think the degree of hardships are so vastly varied from person to person? Karma at play perhaps? What’s your opinion on karma? 476 more words


the fault of planning

No one is remembered for what they just planned to do.

Sometimes I get wrapped up in the idea of planning some great idea that I have and I rarely start anything at all. 85 more words


The paper clutter disaster that was dragging me down

Everyone who knows me knows I am super-organized. At work, I can pull out any file, piece of paperwork, or email you might need in a minute or less. 485 more words


Typing is much like Life

So, there is a typing program which I practice from time to time to improve my typing skills and I was pondering some things.

Although there is much to say about how something simple as typing can reveal the inner workings of my mind and my inner thoughts but for now… 99 more words


Five Reasons why you DON'T want to lose that weight this year

I went to KFC so much in high school that they had my order ready before I walked in the door. That is a true story. 2,078 more words