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chosen consciousness & touchy feelings

yesterday i wrote about reflections and this morning consciousness within reflections is what is on my mind. lately my most important relationship has not been at ease. 319 more words


Self Image

Well. Long time no post. I don’t want to say that I’m back, but I’ll try to post one of these every now and then. 385 more words


My Computer is Back From Purgatoy

Hello Ladies and Gents (Let’s be real, its mostly ladies)

I was ready to sacrifice my computer back to the dumpster gods from whence it came until my favorite male human decided to fix it. 95 more words

Life And Things

Addicted to Blogging

Hi, my name is anonymous and I am a blogging addict.”  Hi, I’m…

Now there is something you don’t hear very often in the wonderful world of addictions, even within the tiny corners of the web where the most troubled of souls lurk, seeking answers for their countless addictions: “Hi, my name is,… and I am a blogging addict.” 430 more words


New books smell best

Just got a spirit-filled NLT study bible!! In black leather no less!! Am so excited about reading more on God and his works!! May God bless me with clarity, understanding and patience to digest and regurgitate the book’s contents. Haha. 


Getting To Grips With Fear And Confusion


This is an excerpt from my book: “Do You Hate Your Job?” – I re-read it today because I am feeling some of these feelings at the moment and this helped. 378 more words

Life Changing