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III VS. IV - The Presage (3/29/2015)

So he survived getting shot, but it changed him. Made him a darker person; which was reasonable right ? Being attacked in any form is a life changing experience. 1,188 more words


Touch Your Dream


Welcome. I believe that you have already made a list of your dreams. Now before picking any of them, you must follow the following principle: 402 more words


The Myraid Transformations-Michigan/Last Winter

The subtle transforms into the gross And the gross then returns to the subtle Unimaginable are the myraid transformations Knowledge insentient, sentient the knower – Rishabhayan: Acharya Mahapragya


Patience and Tolerance - Most needed Virtues today



Tolerant : ability to  tolerate  the belief, action, behavior, opinion of others.

Patience: the capacity to accept tolerate delays, problems or sufferings without being annoyed or anxious and without complaint  or being irritated. 360 more words

Self Improvement

...a fly on the wall

Unbelievably gorgeous weather today… and on a Saturday no less.. I was fortunate to soak it up while I piddled around doing things. A big patio door leading out to the backyard is left wide open on days like today. 1,177 more words

Daily Scripture

I appreciate...

The sound of silence.

Because even silence has a sound.

There is a beauty in that.

The world is never still. There can never be complete silence. 104 more words

All Day Every Day

Helpful if your son/daughter wants to overcome self-harm but feels trapped.