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Do not proceed.
I am here to stop you.

No, this is not for a positive mantra.
It is for a smack in the face, 50 more words

Creative Writing


“Retired sinners defy elements of personal sabotage and vandalism” -M. Hassoun


To Hide or to Run: Tools to Help with Decision Making in a World with Too Many Choices

Did you ever play hide and seek, outside in the neighborhood, after dark? My cousins were the best at surrounding the good hiding spaces, causing me to freeze, leaning toward the corner of the garage – nope, Kathy’s there, leaning toward the cave under the stairs – nope Pam’s there. 636 more words


u cld die 2morrow.

Why not write at least one sentence?

Go on, it can’t hurt can it?

We both know that you’re afraid that it will happen.

Don’t die with so many unfinished stories. 26 more words


To Have Faith and Courage While Being Afraid

Earlier this week a California judge ordered that actress Kelly Rutherford’s two young children be returned to the United States after an appallingly bad decision from another judge that the children be ripped from their mother and only known caregiver to go live with their German father in France because his visa had expired. 1,333 more words


lucid dreaming

every thought, idea, theory we have comes from within us. an intuition within us that provokes these thoughts, ideas, “dreams“. dreams are certainly other dimensions, but they are dimensions inward. 242 more words


Mind Games: the new reality in urban America

Now, I know what many people who might be reading this are probably thinking. I’d like to think that people come from at the very least, two different schools of thought concerning the topic of mind games. 335 more words

Lucas Marlone