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Week Eleven- Busy Minds

Keeping busy. It’s something quoted as the remedy to many problems and the last few weeks I’ve come to see why. Starting a new job, I was concerned that ‘keeping busy’ was going to send my anxiety into overdrive and therefore send my IBS the same way. 269 more words


Don't motivate, but discipline yourself!

There were two men living in aatpat nagar. They were working for a rich man having many coconut trees in his field. The rich man would pay them every day for climbing on the trees and cutting down the coconuts. 546 more words

Self Help

What Happens in Your Castle...Stays in Your Castle

Have you ever wondering what it is like to be a celebrity? All of the glitz and glamour. Thousands, maybe millions of people admiring who you are and what you do. 1,231 more words


Get whatever you want in three simple steps. 

Only rebels step out from the “box” and defy convention. And so those who change the world must be “rebels.” They are the ones who get tattoos, eat expired yogurt, break the rules and stay up too late. 468 more words


Forgive Nice Young People for their Costly Mistakes

I have had made some mistakes that were minimal, but have learned from it. This time is for you to forgive some nice people who have made huge costly mistakes who have changed for the better. 268 more words


I Am Fearless!

 I Am Fearless! Hypnosis Program Review

Hypnosis Program Review By Miriam Webster

For a dark period of my life, I suffered from a condition known as Agoraphobia. 804 more words


Saturday Mornings

I get my kids 4 nights a week now. I am incredibly excited about this new chapter in my life. It means that my time with them doesn’t have to be rushed anymore and the urge to let them get away with everything doesn’t need to be there. 415 more words