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One step forward

So I have to tell you all about my day! :)

But first, some context. Last night was bad. I was still awake at 3am and so finally succumed to my old habits that I’ve been working on breaking. 455 more words


May 28th

My regular therapist has taken a three week holiday and gone back home to visit her family. So yesterday I met with another therapist at the clinic I go to who I meet whenever my regular therapist isn’t available. 330 more words


For old times sake

I want the blade
to kiss my skin
to break the grayed
world within

In reality,
the grey hasn’t overtaken,

but, for some reason, 23 more words


First Post!

So this is my very first post for a blog and I don’t know if I’m supposed to go straight to an advice post or this. 52 more words


Losing ALL Sense of Control

I love my grandma and grandad incredibly.

I visited their home for a few days and the awful feelings inside me disappeared vaguely. However, I was soon confronted by my thoughts at night – where they became powerful and inescapable, yet again. 144 more words


Images of Self-harm

A google image search on self-harm turns up sad pictures of slit wrists, thighs, legs, stomachs. They don’t look pretty; they’re not supposed to.

Given my propensity to cut myself on my upper thighs, stomach and breasts, images might be rather inappropriate. 48 more words

What it means to be tough.

I actually don’t always have pretty or uplifting words, but I also don’t have that kind of life. I have gotten pretty good at finding honest words, borrowing from what I’ve read and I know, and figuring out how that fits with what I feel. 738 more words