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Pocket Stories #1

She thought there was no other way left fo her. The last three years of her life had been testing. First, the battle with rug addiction, then the divorce, the custody of her children, and now, the near moneylessness. 113 more words


I'm okay

Until day turns into night. Then I’m anything but okay.

When did arms become faces? 

Trigger Warning: Self-Harm
Written 1 July 2015

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but haven’t had the balls to do so until now. 121 more words

Battle Scars by Ceitidh Anderson

Over the years I have had 30 operations resulting in physical pain, emotional stress and yes, depression. This year, however, is making all others pale in comparison as it has been full of tears and torture. 1,282 more words


The sun is shining, the world's smiling, but I'm frowning

On Wednesday it reached like 32 degrees here…

…and I was working. With a direct view of the sunny outside from the window opposite me. I was in what can only be described as a mood similar to how I imagine a raging bull with a red cloth thrust in its face would feel. 623 more words


 Defense mechanisms (or coping mechanisms are automatic ways in which we have learned to cope with the disturbing stimuli bombarding us throughout our days. We use these coping mechanisms automatically, without thought. 212 more words