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Her wrists bled (red)
She awoke to a generation fuelled
By electronically emitted emotions

Is it no wonder then?
Her wrists bled.


People Don't Take Me Seriously

Okay. Some people don’t take me seriously. And it sucks. Hopefully, some of you can relate. You build up the courage to tell someone about your struggles, and they dismiss you. 415 more words

Twitter needs to step up: One Direction, Zayn Malik and #cut4zayn

Trigger Warning: This post contains conversation about self-harm, including graphic descriptions of images.

I’m almost thirty, but I still have a vague knowledge of the band… 1,123 more words

Zayn Malik, Spoilers, and Self Harm

I have heard my share of tragic stories that ended up in self-harm or straight-up suicide. My heart aches to see lost people thinking that this permanent solution to a temporary (though terrible) problem is the only way out. 664 more words


The Prick of Pristiq

A boyfriend broke up with me with one of his reasons for the dismissal being “I want to see girls who don’t burn themselves when they’re sad”, so, naturally, I decided to live in my car. 850 more words



Hey You! You’re beautiful & gorgeous in your own way. Don’t let anyone make you feel ugly, because you’re perfect. Stay Strong!

Behavioral Issues

28th March

Hey folks,

I’m a rather excited person tonight! I’ve got the money to book in with my PT :D When I say excited, I’m both that and scared in equal measure haha. 594 more words