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Update on My Life...

I’ve been exercising a lot lately. I have been dieting and trying to lose weight but its hard not to eat everything insight. I love food so much but I hate how overweight I am. 526 more words

The One that I Didn't Proofread... but Isn't Super Depressing

Last night, I came home from youth group to a newly engaged sister, two sinks and a stove of dishes to wash (sans dishwasher– because economical), and one blog post due for writing. 800 more words

Life Thoughts

Numb part 2

Me feeling numb for the last like 3 weeks is driving me insane. I’m at one of the biggest swim meets of my life and I’m not the least bit excited. 167 more words


Living With Depression.

Depression is considered as a “mental disorder” , I laugh at that. I was diagnosed with depression in my 8th grade year, but I already knew. 1,303 more words


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, honey

Let’s sit down and talk

I heard about a bridge

Tell me what you thought

She called me quite hysterically

She thought you would be dead… 162 more words

Tales of Despair: Scars and Scratches

I have alluded to this many times in the course of this blog (in fact, I’ve probably outright stated it before), but I used to self-harm. 684 more words



She was a beauty queen

Who had everything

A perfect life

A brand new car

The man who every girl

Longed for within her heart… 85 more words