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Zayn Malik leaving One Direction?

Hello people! I decided to start my very first blog post on Zayn Malik leaving 1D.

Well, I am a fan of one direction and no lie, I am upset that Zayn is leaving. 238 more words


An Evening out with Danny O'Donoghue

I was waiting for that day to come, that long wait before the event…

Finally that day was here.

I was just so excited to see The Script. 308 more words


Art Distraction

In my effort to not self-harm, I arted some more. Neither is finished, but it helped me get through the evening injury free.


I Can't Call It Spoken Word, Because It's Typed...

I live life like there’s no more time
People don’t realize sad CAN be a state of mind
Sometimes it just feels like promiscuity
I’ve yet to find the best of me… 361 more words


Baby steps

I decided to give away my blades. It’s slightly overwhelming, but I know I need to if I’m going to make progress.


Hospitalization: Part 8

Journal entry from my fourth day on the psychiatric wing.
**Self-harm trigger warning**

Today was hard. My depression was high, my self-harm urges were high, my suicidal ideation was high, and my anxiety was high.

109 more words
Mental Illness

Prep Day

Today is a day of prepping. Along with continuing the Self Harm series (you can read the first post here) later this week, I’m prepping for the April… 290 more words