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Self Harm Awareness Day

Today is self harm awareness day. Self harm is a rather touchy subject for me. I can’t hear the word “cut” without flinching. However, being vulnerable is something I desire to work on. 599 more words


SIAD: A Self-Harm Free Year

It’s been a full year now since I last self-harmed.

I don’t know the exact date, I just know that it’s definitely been over a year since it last happened; I feel very strange about this accomplishment. 435 more words

Mental Illness

How I'm Trying

Last night I asked my mom if I could see a therapist. She said she’d call and she just left it at that. But then later that night, she started hinting about me being suicidal and cutting myself (which she still remains clueless about, for the greater good) and that was the reason I asked for a therapist. 58 more words


Because I'm Stupid

I did it. I actually did it. In a moment of weakness, I hurt myself. I just cut for the very first time. And I’m guessing it won’t be the last.


Schools lack...

Schools try their very best to teach children all the skills they need to learn in order to lead full and successful lives. I really believe that for the most part, educators really do care. 823 more words


What I Almost Did

Last year, I asked my friend why he cut he wrists. He responded with something similar to, “Honestly, it was stupid. I felt unaccepted and alone, despite not being alone. 328 more words


Blood Is My Drug

Feeling low on life,
Getting high off my knife.
Small razor to hold,
Metallic and cold.
In need of no hug
My blood is my drug… 90 more words