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The Power of Journalling

To journal or not to journal

Ever feel that you are completely stuck on a mood or on knowing how to move forward in a particular dilemma or situation, getting stuck especially on the negative instead of the positive? 266 more words


What is Enlightenment?

First of all, the experience of Enlightenment cannot be accurately captured in words. So to define it is not really the purpose of this essay. I say this because, the other night, I stumbled upon an article written by a certain guru ( 457 more words

Allu Kuy

Declare Body Image

I placed it on, but I did not believe I was strong enough to pull this off. I glanced at myself in the mirror and I never felt so bold, confident, and beautiful. 283 more words

Plus Size Blogger

Hopefully this sticks............

PROCRASTINATE! I don’t know if I would call what I do procrastinating as much as its I’m afraid sometimes. I honestly know I put my energy into what I do and I invest time and energy to learn and expand my mind. 449 more words



the bridges burned and the lights went out

blossoms of spring mimic
the movement of autumn
down and towards colder days;
new beginnings.

the angry trill of piano keys… 84 more words


Clear 'Em Out

I’m gonna be honest, I ain’t really the type to vent
I’m the type to realize that a woman’s the best money I ever spent… 428 more words


[KINK DAY TWO] List Your Kinks.

(running disclaimer don’t read it you don’t want TMI the title says it all I think.)

As I stated in my last blog I am not going to list all of my kinks in detail because to be honest that can be very personal and something I only want to share with a partner and if you are a friend of mine and not into BDSM I wouldn’t want to freak you out about the darker parts of my life. 931 more words