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Uncertainty versus Definitive

I pay close attention when I’m writing. I do my best to avoid poor grammar and spelling errors; however, I’ll never claim to be a professional writer. 173 more words

Philosophy & Stoicism


Why do we get attached to the wrong people? Why do we show our hearts to people who won’t understand us? What is it about the impossible cases that attracts us? 154 more words


Ride the Wave

Recline upon the Spirit Wave
Above all the Physical Fray

Today is my birthday and of course, a primary treat is some time to do art. 137 more words



Leroy Weldon read the computer screen over his daughter’s shoulder, and let out a frantic shout so loud that his wife and 7 year old twin boys came running in the room. 1,043 more words



When eating didn’t suffice to stuff my anger, depression helped. I’ve lost count of how many. But after Raymond left, I managed to survive, surprising myself. 1,774 more words


un beso, me gustas., otro beso… TE QUIERO:…..


I still have visions of Paris dancing around in my head…

The experience of watching home videos the other day led me to thinking that perhaps other/ not quite so central characters in my life (meaning others besides me) would likely appreciate old photos to tweak their memories, too. 759 more words


Always Pick Yourself Up After You Fall

Life can throw some pretty outrageous curve balls. It’s exhausting trying to dodge them. Sometimes we are left with the after math, pushed to the ground all banged and bruised, wondering where to go from there. 112 more words