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How I ended up with better skin than I've ever had.

I’ve always had the kind of skin that browns, not burns. I rarely had a blemish. I sometimes had hormone induced, tiny bumps on my chin – but rarely more than that. 417 more words


The Top 3 Mistakes I Made My First Year as a Freelance Writer

I’m talking about three mistakes out of 300. About 10% of those are too embarrassing to admit… yet! I’ll get up the courage eventually. Or forget about them for my own sanity, whichever happens first. 764 more words


Swift simulacrum this morning,

nothing simulated about this.. near page 3 in the day’s 3 for the novel, upon which I swore on my son that I’d finish, completely finalized by 5/29. 228 more words


On My Reluctance with Job-Seeking

Unlike when I’m writing random stories for Wattpad and in my notebooks, I get pretty insecure when it comes to making resumes and cover letters. I almost can’t stand it – I wish I could show up at the workplace and do the work to prove myself to some extent instead of just handing someone this brief summary of random work I’ve done and leaving it at that for the day. 458 more words


Isolation in Freelancing

This week I did a rare thing and left my desk to head out into the wide world.

The sun was shining, people were smiling and… there were people!! 606 more words


$31,700 in 24 Hours Swing Trading Nasdaq Stocks $VLTC, $CE, GE, + $ENZN

Trading the markets in my opinion is one of America’s greatest resources for building wealth. Unfortunately it is shadowed by incorrect perceptions and fear.

People are conditioned to believe that it is best to entrust their hard-earned money to the experts for investing. 158 more words


Why I Love The Journey

I chose my business name as LOVE THE JOURNEY because I am passionate about striving for happiness and being a teacher of a healthy lifestyle . 159 more words