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12 Ways to be More Positive

We all have moments where we feel we wish we were more positive in situations, here are a few tips on how you can be more positive and feel healthier and happy i n all that you do. 864 more words


How To Become Stress Free In 10 Steps

This post is as a follow-up to my earlier thought of the day build a stress free life so if you haven’t already read that then read it… 919 more words

Self Development

Thought Of The Day #13 Use Other Peoples Talents

Experts in their fields are not rich, the people who own them are.

Richard Branson is a great example of this, he owns over 400 companies and yet doesn’t have the required knowledge to fully run any of these companies on his own. 217 more words

Self Development

About God

Something we should know about God:
1. Unlimited
2. No Politic
3. Remain Mystery

Allow me to elaborate one by one. First, God’s power, act, whatever we can say, has no limit. 193 more words


AWWG Summer Camp, Coming Soon!!

August 3-7

AWWG Summer Camp will be happening August 3-7, and your Camp Counselors are very excited about the lineup we have for you.

Stay tuned… 39 more words


It's Not Always Pretty!

A spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart because it can mean a great deal of work to know both the personal, human traits and the individual, spiritual aspects of ourselves. 301 more words

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