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once mighty

ostensibly durable

failing to stand

against time

against germinant

seeds of destruction

an impetus inborn

to self-mutilation

surrender to ticks

of atomic clocks… 44 more words


The Resurrection Man

I think you will recover

No more Mr Self Destruct for you

You were isolated from health and sanity

Walking on the path of total destruction… 41 more words


Abundance Over Scarcity

You’re supposed to choose the former above the latter. Chris Guillebeau, an author and entrepreneur I admire refers to this concept throughout his guides to living freely. 831 more words


A Guide to Changing Self-Destructive Behaviors

A quick guide to changing these behaviors when you’re having trouble. 1,122 more words


You Don't Push The River

An acquaintance casually told me this the other day during a conversation about her life, as though it was a self-evident, universal truth. In fact, the sentiment may have blown out the back of my head, that’s how revolutionary, novel and resonant it sounded to me. 755 more words


Short term or long term?

I often get asked about recovery tips and techniques to recover from self harm and other issues such as eating disorders. For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to focus on self harm. 646 more words


Self-Made Prisons

I’ve spent some time in these, haven’t you? And it’s nothing like Orange is the New Black, wouldn’t you agree? There’s so much less witty banter and gut-wrenching excitement. 517 more words