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Where is my mind?

It’s that time of the week. I’m in an impenetrable force of lethargy. No one’s getting in unless they want to be hurt. During this period I am indifferent towards everything and anything that requires more than my minimum attention, I will phase in and out of my subconscious and continuously daydream about very trivial things, I’ll also forget to eat and I’ll probably sleep a lot. 199 more words


I tell myself you're convenient because saying otherwise would kill me

I keep coming back to you
Even as you hurt me
Again and again

What a vicious circle of dependence and betrayal and craving and self destruction and addiction… 56 more words

My Thoughts: Love Part 2

Before when I made a philosophical analysis of my current understanding of love (here’s a link), I mention some potential, in my near future, of learning some more about it from a new person in my life. 1,854 more words


The Trouble with Truth

It was because of my last post about Bill Reimers first book, Icicles in the Park, that prompted Sally Bartley Moss to let me know that another of our Burbank High 1968 classmates is a published author — Elizabeth Kelly Stephenson whom we remember as… 505 more words

Burbank High School

Full Circle

I am feeling very frustrated after the cr** day I had, so I turned to psychology to figure out a way to alleviate some anger. 400 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Why Do I Leave My House

I have to wonder why I get out of bed every day.  I have to wonder why I even bother to open my door, and sometimes leave it.  401 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Surviving The Ex: Day 16 - Self Destruction

So I definitely didn’t say what I had planned because I realized it was pretty harsh and sure that’s how I was feeling but not something I should say to someone. 179 more words